By florisvanlent - 12/02/2009 16:17 - Netherlands

Today, while copying some stuff for school, I felt someone rubbing her boobs against my back. I got a boner and when I looked to see who the hot chick was, I saw my fat friend rubbing his man boobs against my back. FML
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hahaha... wow, I'm sorry, but you did get pretty owned there

I bet your penis has never gone from erect to non-existent so fast in your LIFE


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What a sick fagot! You're queer! Better get used to it because now you know that you're gay. If I were you, I'd drink a gallon of bleach.

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You do realise that there are other sexualities besides gay or straight. They could be bi

Yeah chicks do this, especially young chicks (he says he's in school). This is funny. Advice: Try to be more discerning with future erections.

Lol, #27. "Icy witch-nip" sounds like some sort of a salted snack.