Potterheads, man…

By Anonymous - 14/04/2012 02:06 - France

Today, after several years of having her help me out by doing household chores, I bought my fifteen-year-old daughter a new pair of jeans. Her reaction was to squeal, "Master has presented Dobby with clothes. Dobby is free!" FML
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..What is that mysterious ticking noise? ..Snape. ..Snape... Severus Snape. ..Harry Potter, Harry Potter! :D


..What is that mysterious ticking noise? ..Snape. ..Snape... Severus Snape. ..Harry Potter, Harry Potter! :D

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MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

I've always wanted to do this. Please thumb me down!! (I just want to see what happens) :P

Matty1188 6

60: I was thinking maybe it was a pair of 'must have' jeans the daughter really wanted, since it sounds like it was a special reward.

Bravesfan319 11

60 - So the OP's daughter making a joke makes OP a bad parent? Get a sense of humor.

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77 Recieving a 4$ t shirt from my mom IS a reward

This girl has a real funny sense of humour... Don't worry op I think she's just joking, pretty sharp one you got there... Not many people can think of saying such things when they experience something like this... I'm sure she was just a Harry potter fan and op isn't ill- treating her. But if she isn't joking... Time to advertise for a new Dobby...

joyc3 10

I agree... With your username.

blackheart24 10

Harry Potter is the best book/movie series on the planet.

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#180 it's hard to say which is better because although they're both fiction it still feels like they're in different genres. That'd be like comparing Beyonce to Carrie Underwood.

fuckmebutdontfml 16

I read both Harry Potter is still way better. I love the story in both but the hunger games was written poorly compared to harry potter in its details. And OP's daughter would seriously agree

hellbilly205 17

I for one love harry potter, and you have raised a fine daughter you should be happy you have a girl like that.

luckyd880 12

Anyone else think 194 is trying a little too hard there? Username and pic. Leave some to the imagination!

180 - Suzanne Collin's Gregor the Overlander series was better than the Hunger Games. The Game of Thrones is way ******* better than the Hunger Games. Harry Potter definitely is the higher quality series of the two, though.

Joyc3 were you talking to me? If yes, glad you understand and agree! If not, have a good one anyway :)

Heinousness thinks OP's daughter's joke is hilarious.

That's ironic your parents said HP was the devil...because the hunger games is about the sacrificing of children & war...

They're completely different genres, so it's hard to compare them. Also, are you 10? Harry Potter is available EVERYWHERE, it's not exactly hard to find in public libraries or even online.

180---the harry potter movies are better than the hunger games 1 , but the hunger games books are better than the harry potter ones -- my opinion , its dosent have to be urs or anyone elses , so dont criticise .

constipatedlady 0

Sacrificig children and war is something that happens all the time. Wizardry on the other hand is some kind of devil supernatural!

Ahhh Harry potter puppet pals.. Nice one. (:

Yay, Game of Thrones (well, A Song of Ice and Fire actually) ! However, I wouldn't say that's a book series that pre-teens can read... It can get quite gory/violent at some times ^^

MissBoo101 0

100- he probably watched the movies instead of reading the books, I did and now I'm reading the books but still not everyone knows it

248- I agree, but her profile says she's one o the boys, so she must be down to earth.

I get frustrated when religious types don't like Harry potter. It's all about love, loyalty, and knowledge defeating evil. where's the devil in that? yes, it has supernatural stuff. But in the old days, when people had better knowledge of language,God was called supernatural, because after all it just means "more than natural.". Plus, Harry Potter rocks! It's like a giant gourmet feast that goes on and on, whereas the hunger games, which I liked too, is more just a really nice meal.

Someone did their reading (or watching) of Harry Potter! Lol good movie! (: funny FML

375, I'm pulling this stat out of my ass but 90% of girls claim to be one of the boys, this is usually not true.

pinkcrayola 0

Just have to say it...the hunger games copied battle royale.

Am I the only one who is still wondering why it took several YEARS of chores for the daughter to get the jeans?

lpboy03 0

You dumbass he wasn't even trolling mate

It's hilarious that your parents let you read a book about kids brutally killing each other, but won't let you read Harry Potter books.

Btw, I was responding to 180's comment.

notoriousbob 11

It was a cruel joke you ******* idiot

jasmine1259 2

To everyone saying he hunger games copied battle royale you've obviously never seen or read either. The only similarities are kids killing; are you trying to say battle royale started that? So get of your hg hating bandwagon and learn to think for yourselves instead of blindly following other idiots' claims.

Battle royal copied lord of the flies.

You really don't deserve to have an opinion on the Hunger Games vs. Harry Potter deal unless you've read all the books. Don't worry, that's just my opinion. I'm just glad no one's brought up Twilight (whoops).

OHai15 12

OP, I see what she did there >.>

100- If you look at my information, it says that I troll SOMETIMES. I wasn't trying to troll.

Ooh ooh!! Hey 479 wanna know a secret? Okay here it is! (everyone has!)

Well I haven't read Harry Potter but the Hunger Games doesn't compare to the Gone Series.

NoisyNykkii 10

314– Ahhh, but that's where you're wrong. Harry Potter Books> Hunger Games Books Harry Potter Movies< Hunger Games Movie. HP movies were terrible, and a complete fail. But that's just my opinion.

Just to clear it up the hunger games is not about kids killing each other... It's about the government having absolute power and how one person can make a difference and change the world. Yes the kids have to kill each other but it's not just for the sake of killing each other. There is a point!

swift1fan4ever 0

The hunger games is the BEST series EVER! but I'm mad how she ended the last book :/

467- The Hunger Games is practically all about kids killing kids. So basically the only big difference between the two is that The Hunger Games has a cheesy love triangle added in to make it sell. (Also this storyline has been done multiple times. Look up "The Most Dangerous Game.")

#180 Harry potter. I've read both series. Harry potter hands down...

shortvirgo13 7

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I don't find this to be horrible parenting. The daughter likes Harry Potter so she's doing something right. Seriously, justify how this is bad parenting.

What's horrible about teaching the daughter responsibility by helping around the house??

your face is horrible parenting, honeyh

You saying that having a teenager doing chores is bad parenting? So what do you do all day? Sit on your ass? Id like to see your house when you grow up.

shortvirgo13 7

No I say having to take 15 years to show your kids appreciation for their hard work is horrible parenting

So she did chores for 15 years? Seriously? Learn to read the FML before you post idiotic comments. It clearly says several years, not 15, and I doubt you know whether or not he ever have her other gifts.

Check yoself befo you wreck yoself home gurlllll. Yeah I don't know why I said that either..

p3mguin 7

Then don't comment, like seriously?

145, how long do you think several years is? It sure as he'll isn't 15. More like 3 or 4.

Are you serious? Appreciation for doing chores? I never got anything for doing my chores, they simply had to get done. I don't understand why everyone expects rewards for everything. I see no horrible parenting here.

She did chores for several YEARS only to get A pair of jeans. I don't know about you but, if I actually needed a pair of jeans, my mom would have gotten them for me

I'm pretty sure when OP's daughter NEEDED new clothes she got them. Seriously people...

xStaciexLynnx 15

I think she was saying it's horrible parenting because of the way it's worded. It kind of makes it sound like the daughter did chores for years and the mother bought her clothes for the first time in years (which would be horrible parenting because around that age you're growing a lot so none of her clothes would fit properly). Maybe that's what she was thinking?

Nope, she helped with the chores for several years (which is not shocking since she's 15 years old), and coincidentally said that one day after getting new jeans... The translation is a bit confusing, I agree, but that what's your brain is for ^^ And getting a kid to help with chores is good parenting : when the kid lives on his/her own, he/she'll be better off if he/she at least knows the basics...

This is horrible parenting if she hasn't bought the girl clothes since she was what 11. Several = 4

joker72401 1

Yeuh dawwwwg. That dumb*** is Whack. Soooo white over here.

Maybe 2 meant since OP's mother rewarded her with new jeans because clothes are a necessity and you don't just buy your kids clothes when they do chores

chogle 8

shortvirgo is just upset because her mom can't ever afford to buy her new pants.

307, several is more around 7. 3 or 4 is more like a few.

It's not like she worked for 3years straight. She had to go to school, homework, freetime and probably more. Her mother didn't lock her in a room and made her clean by herself. That would be horrible parenting. Her mother did it with her. And she probably gave her more presents that op didn't speak of. (christmas, Easter, Halloween)

427- Several: being more than two but fewer than many in number. Just because it sounds like seven, doesn't mean it's synonymous.

In my opinion if OP hasn't bought her daughter new clothes in several years that is bad parenting. No she shouldn't buy her daughter new things every week but at least buy her new clothes every year. Several years could very well be 7 or 8 years. That's a long time for a child to not get new clothes. Even at 15 our bodies grow, maybe not as much as it did when we were younger but it still does.

weasel123 9

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nofearjenshere 12
maxwells_hammer 5

Because of this FML I read your name as Weasley at first. I was kind of sad when I realized I was wrong. :/

nofearjenshere 12
Ninjasaurus18 9

I think she's a wonderful girl.

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I've never watched Harry potter nor read the books D:

lavitaebella_fml 0

58: Well, you're missing the pun of the FML and all of the references people are making on the comments. That's enough to confuse some.

Your life is full of sadness, Until you read the books

83 I get it, Harry Potter just isn't that great.

What you say is illogical as Harry, Ron Hermoine saved your life on a yearly bases. I bet they wish they didn't not. FYL #58 and i hope you die a lonely cat man...

Fine then... I hope you die a lonely cat un-man for ur un-birthdays

dethbunny 0

Harry Potter was kind of boring, but the movies were ok.

135- "wish they didn't not"? Double negatives make grammar Nazis cry don't-cha-know.

If you're a 90s kid I think you did miss much. HP was my childhood, I grew up with it, preordering the book and finally getting it on the day was the highlight of my year. Ah, the memories.

189- Blasphemy! Kill the non-believer!!

Da_Bauss435 8

What, do you live under a rock or something or are you just a Twi-hard? Please say the first one

#48... For tge sake of humanity, please do one of two things. Go to the nearest bookstore and get the whole series OR go to the nearest cliff and jump off. You are a Disgrace to mankind....

No no, there's still hope for 48. 58 is the problm.

381 How am I a problem? I'm just one person who doesn't like Harry Potter...

4 - Since her daughter is 15, she should have a part time job.. Allowing her to buy her own clothes.

149- I believe the word you are looking for is "woman", not un-man.

Those are the rules of house-elves: give them clothes and they're free. OP, next time, treat her with ice cream or movies instead OR don't treat her like a house-elf.

totally agree! i remember getting back from my year 7 summer camp the day the order of the phoenix came out and my stepdad had pre-ordered it as a coming home present :')

Ninjasaurus18 9

Read the books. The movies aren't nearly as good. J.K. Rowling is a really good author; the books are well written, and only some of the first, and most of the second are a tad boring. I skipped half of the second, but there's not much action in it anyway. The sixth is by far the best, in my opinion.

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dominic1221 6
sillycart 9

It's Harry Potter. -_- why do I live on this planet

Then what's the name of the creepy little elf from lord of the rings?? I'm with you 5 I thought it was lord of the rings too.... I'm more if a star wars person anyway.

Michael_92 20

Seriously, I want off this planet.

It seems you have brain damaged. Have you called dr. Phil lately?

Actually, that would be Harry FREAKING Potter.

iknowimawesome 13

They see me trollin; they hatin'

As soon as I saw the amount of dislikes for this comment I knew it was a fail

You just insulted all Harry Potter fans in the history of the world.

Lol that's the smeagol that says "my precious" in Lotr, silly OP! But seriously get ur shit right.

sovetskiy 8

44, you're thinking of Gollum.

Epsilonyx 15

Guys. Wait. I don't think he got it. Let's say it one more time, now. HARRY POTTER

ajourdhui 0

omg he was kidding. you guys are overly sensitive n00bs

avpmgrl 4

Im pretty sure that's not an elf.

Omfg 5...dude.... that was ******* awesome. Epic troll.

yozakura06 2

Where's my wand I'd like to cast a spell on him so he might beat himself up for his stupidity

ever stop to think that maybe five was just being sarcastic...?

Oh NO you did NOT just do that *facepalm*

llamalpaca382 13

I don't want to live on this planet anymore. Wait a sec, I like living here. YOU get off this planet, 5!

Sounds like someone needs to read the right series...

GothInside 6

Doesn't sound like u are since that was from Harry Potter not lord if the rings!!

^ oh really? Thank you for clarifying, I don't think we got it the first 5 times.

Can't tell if trolling or just stupid... I think stupid! On a side not I just watched this movie the other night!!! :D

Gollum -_-' and he's not even remotely an elf

Omg -.-t rlly?! I'm Prtty sure lord of the rings is "my precious" js

All of you people repeating the same thing! OFF TO AZKABAN, ALL OF YOU!

sariadragon 3

Not Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter

Its harry potter. If you dont know what the **** your talking about just dont say anything.

corydakota 4
rebelzomm 10

I know everyone has clarified as to the origins of that quote but i'd like to say **** YOU for not remembering it!

hellbilly205 17

So its from harry potter right? I couldnt tell from the overload of comments that say's it was or anything.

Dobby's from Harry Potter, you're thinking of Gollum

JodeMiVida 13
cunningchick 1


Retard -_- I don't wanna live on this planet

what? just... just... no. why. why. WHY. WHY?!

She does realize that Dobby dies in the end?

maxwells_hammer 5

You didn't say spoiler alert!

kaykay458 2

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53 I've never been so upset with a comment before. I guess I care to much for humanity, but HOLY SHIT!!!!! The stupidity from 53's comment has made me sad :( why?!?!

n3rd43v3r 10

Yeah but he's saving the great Harry Potter, so it's okay.... Stupid Belatrix

53 - It's not our choice to be born. It's like saying to a tree if you didn't want to be paper, you shouldn't have grown. You don't control it, it just happens. Welcome to this new system, Nature.

xStaciexLynnx 15

98 and 123- That's a quote from another book. Don't freak out. Pretty sure she was following the theme of responding with literary quotes like OP's daughter.

Did she leave immediately to warn 'Arry Potta', by chance?