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  Needafarm  |  22

I don't understand why this was voted down. You all know you were thinking this.
Anyone who's seen a movie from the 80's, 90's and early 2000 knows that anytime someone says that it was their friend, sister or some other person other than them, it was them.

Now, let the negative votes start rolling in!! WOOOO!!!!

  outoftown  |  26

Trouble! Check to see it this guy is a registered sex offender, first.
Then check for rumors of such.
Sounds like he has a history and wants to legal up.

  stinewd  |  9

It shows he has some kind of nerdy humor, which I find very cute. Unless, as mentioned, he was very serious about this contract, then I wouldn't sign it.

  ygdrassil  |  17

"After said blowjob, I agree to make one sandwich, to be defined as ingredients chosen by the Grantor of this Contract held between two sliced portions of bread, at the request of the Grantor."

By  leadawg75  |  12

He wants to make sure you Can't break up with me he sounds a little obsessed. Read it first, don't sign. Who knows what you agree too with your signature...