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Today, I spat up blood and had horrible chest pain. My mom still made me go to school, claiming she needed to take the cat to the vet instead of me to the doctor. FML
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Well when you get older you will move out. Odds are the cat will spend its' entire life with your mother until it dies.

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What you need to do is stop smoking! Ummm kay!

Don't assume things like that and then blame OP for something they probably didn't do smart ass. OP is in school, and probably doesn't smoke. Did it say they smoke? No, so just shut the **** up

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At least she has a great username.

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OMG! I spat up blood today too! But fortunately i was allowed to go to the hospital! Sucks to be you x

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Why did you cough up blood?

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That's easy to say when you're not the one spitting up blood

I dunno, I thought it was a joke… not a hilarious joke or anything, but still a joke. /:

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68- Yup it was a JOKE, I know a bad one but still a joke.

67- her SON has nothing to do with this. If she even has one

My mistake I didn't see the pink sign on the corner, sorry :-P

Your mum sucks.. How can she possibly think coughing blood is ok?! Or does she think it's the cat's blood, and you trying to steal it's thunder..?

Some parents are complete idiots. My parents always refuse to take me to the doctor and I usually have to wait out my sickness for a week, while they make me go to school. I feel bad for you OP. I sincerely hope you get better.

My mother does the same thing. I had terrible food poisoning and she still sent me to school and refused to pick me up after I threw up 4 times. Apparently I was "faking it."

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Once I spit up blood and my mom made me go to school to luckily it was nothing to bad

So because a Human is more evolved than a cat, the cat deserves special treatment while our own flesh and blood has to fend for themselves? I don't get your logic, bro.

unfortunately only dogs can, haven't you seen that meme?

Yes. I am 100% serious. People should not be helped by their parents. That would be a crazy notion. I figured posting yet another comment only saying I hope the op is okay would be boring, so I tried to make a dry comment. I'm sorry you guys really think people are ever that heartless.

Don't you worry 82, you are still like anyone else, your effort on trying to be different is hilarious. And FYL for comparing us humans with animals.

Yes, it was a bad attempt at a joke. I should have just accepted it and moved on rather than try to defend it. My apologies. I didn't mean people to take it seriously, but that didn't come across. I do hope the OP is alright though. :)

I bet 5's picture is only the tip of the iceberg

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82- so OP should call 911 and pay the ungodly ambulance bill? I think it's $700 for a trip to the hospital where I am.

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Probably the parent(s) would have to pay if OP is under 18 and jobless. Serve the mother right.

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I should think of a pun, but I just cat do it.

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I'm still waiting for a follow up. What happened? Cat got your tongue?

Mom knows best besides just a little blood your body makes that stuff every day

Yeah, but coughing up blood is never a good sign. Even worse if it comes with chest pains.

If I went to the doctor every time I coughed up a little blood I have to get my mail sent there

What do you have? It sounds like it happens frequently.

I'm guessing he has a chronic punch-to-the-chest syndrome. Because I know that is what I want to do to him every time I read his comments...

Coughing up blood can be a sign of deep problems that deal with the heart, lungs, ribs, all sorts of important stuff. A friend of mine coughed up blood one day and couldn't breathe, and she was diagnosed with a serious heart disease.

why is everyone thumbing down sumo? i lol'd at his comments.. this guy's ******* jokes

If you cough up blood regularly there is something wrong with you, unless you live in an anime. But since that's impossible I recommend you go to a freaking doctor

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Recently my school has been having a tuberculosis outbreak and I read in a pamphlet that coughing up blood and chest pain are two of the symptoms. Hope this isn't anything too bad, either way fyl D:

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Umm if you haven't been to a doctor yet I suggest you go asap!!

Really?! Good thing you cleared that up for him! Man he would be so lost without your help.

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Cut from the same cloth as mine; she sent my brother to the school nurse for a broken hand and I ended up with a ruptured appendix bc she didn't want to take me to the ER...well if you survive you'll always have ammo for a guilt trip smh

if my parents did that I would steal money every chance I get. That sucks.