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Today, my husband suggested we get divorced, "for tax purposes". FML
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JMichael 25

So then after taxes you get married again? You could make this a yearly thing.

I know of couples who are "separated", but live in the same house for tax breaks. Just another way to beat the system I guess.


JMichael 25

So then after taxes you get married again? You could make this a yearly thing.

actually it can be the difference of thousands a year depending. My husbands an accountant and we have thought about it more than once. Not that we would ever separate, just thinking clearly about our finances

It's not unheard of for couples to "divorce" or "separate" for the tax purposes, awful as that may sound

i understand where people are coming from, but really? i know you need money to live but i couldnt imagine separating or divorcing to get more money. thats a weird idea to me.

Wouldn't be such a bad idea! Once a year.... "Hun, guess what time of the year it is, can't wait to divorce, then marry you again...."

I'm with you, 53. If money meant more to me than my marriage, clearly I married the wrong person.

Marriage is a title, some couples don't see it as important than others.

This could just be me, but doesn't that destroy the beauty in finding someone who you're willing to commit to with marriage? Maybe it's just my crazy way of thinking

Well, I guess i could understand it if I was close to the edge financially, and saving that extra cash could save it. I know my girlfriend thinks of marriage as more of a financial commitment.

groovycrazyjoe 18

@85 marriage is also a religious practice, I see nothing wrong with them divorcing. They still can stay with each other

That's not how it works, sorry. If you were married at any point during the taxable year then you are considered "married" for tax purposes. I'm sure that's really awkward for people who are actually divorced but still have to file their taxes as married. I have no idea what happens if you were married to do different people during one year though...

I know of couples who are "separated", but live in the same house for tax breaks. Just another way to beat the system I guess.

gjikvtj 18

My great uncle and his wife are divorced but live in different parts of the house for financial support... just the thought of the awkwardness is overwhelming

buttcramp 21

#2, ive heard of that happening too but if youre married you get cheaper taxes.

My grandparents separated for "bedroom issues."

That's completely different and irrelevant to the topic.

Then why bother posting it if you're fully aware of how irrelevant it is to the FML?

Not completely irrelevant. OP's problem is trivial, sorta, and so is feven's grandparent's divorce was trivial

Money VS. Marriage. At least you now know his priority..

Maybe I'm just a man, but I don't understand marriage. You live in the same house, you love each other, you're not sleeping with others, why do you need the piece of paper? I know couples that even have weddings, but never get the official piece of paper.

RedPillSucks 31

Because not everyone plays by the same rules. The piece of paper gives you certain rights with healthcare and insurance, among other things. I'm not a lawyer so I can't recite them from memory

It's like an exaggerated job title. Comes with some financial benefits and gives a sense of importance and security. You don't manage shit, Senior Chief of District Warehouses, but goddamn you feel appreciated.

With the new Obamacare stuff, my mom got kicked off of my dad's insurance and had to get her own insurance with her employer... I don't really see where that marriage certificate helped there.

RedPillSucks 31

That's the insurance company calculus. Anyway, if one of you is hospitalized and is unable to communicate, only a spouse or family member can make the medical decisions.

Only if you don't give power of attorney to your significant other. If you do, then it doesn't matter if they're a bum on the street, they can make the choices if you're incapacitated and need treatment.

Even without all of the legal stuff, some people just prefer to be married in order to live together etc. It could be because of religion, social norms, experience related, whatever. Obviously marriage is important to OP, so that's all there is to it.

xblaine 17

There are advantages and disadvantages to doing that

There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. For example, Steak. Advantage - tastes good. Disadvantage - expensive. On another note, I think I'm hungry.

Maybe you should stop doing certain things he enjoys.. "for tax purposes"

euphoricness 28

Like divorcing for tax purposes?

Keep buying more fedoras, 15. You're not "euphoric".

what an ass. I guess money is more important for him. sorry op

How is he an ass? He didn't say he wanted to leave her he said he wanted to get legally divorced presumably because it would save them quite a bit of money.

I think a trip to Jeremy kyle could sort this out.

Maybe you should tell him you want twelve kids... For "tax purposes"

Wait, how does that help her? I am guessing he will be the ass who will not pay child support. her body will be changed and every time she looks at her kids she will know they were revenge kids. Rather sad honestly.

ninety 25

If they didn't separate then they would get extra money per kid when taxes came around.

With as much of a money drain as children are, let alone one child, is it really at all cost-effective?

I would go along with it. For asshole reasons.