By jordan.marie97 - 09/08/2015 06:27 - Australia

Today, my parents told me they were getting divorced, at the beginning of a family road trip, adding that this'll be the last thing we ever do as a family. FML
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olpally 32

Well that's just terrible.. Geeze! My heart breaks for you OP. Hope they don't put you in the middle and use you as an advantage in the divorce. Ugh. Stay strong op.

That sucks op hope this ends up being romantic and they fall in love again


Maybe you should try to get them back together on the roadtrip

Find your British twin and trap them.

fit_girl_swag 12

Some people just aren't meant to be. Shouldn't force something like love, it should come naturally.

fpants2010 18

Are you old enough to know how marriages work? I doubt OP can just get them back together.

Why does everyone jump to age immediately in order to insult someone? This person may just not realize exactly how relationships always work. A single naive thought doesn't make them 12 years old. It just means they aren't knowledgeable about a certain subject. Being condescending doesn't help in any way.

Unfortunately that tends to only happen in movies, people don't normally just decide to get divorced, there's a lot of time being unhappy and discussions before hand. One road trip can't always make up for years of unhappiness

olpally 32

Well that's just terrible.. Geeze! My heart breaks for you OP. Hope they don't put you in the middle and use you as an advantage in the divorce. Ugh. Stay strong op.

Iwannarock1 19

your heart isn't doing shit foot them.

olpally 32

Your comment doesn't help them either, grow up.

#40, who's comment?

olpally 32

Somebody said my heart doesn't help them, FML mods deleted the comment.

Martermelon 24

That sucks, but I'm sure you're strong enough to get through this. Maybe just ignore them and enjoy yourself. Hopefully it'll all work out. Good luck!

ChopSuey444 20

I don't think ignoring their last family outing is good advice. As long as they're good sports and don't argue the whole time, OP should try and make good memories out of a sad situation.

At least they spent it doing something pleasant together, instead of arguing or screaming at one another.

The question is will they argue on the vacation. The announcement was made at the beginning of the trip.

yes break your kids heart and then expect them to go have fun. divorce changes the kids more than mommy and daddy could ever suspect it makes the kid go through all the things they have ever done in their head and they tend to pick sides or even blame themselves

NomeDMF 17

I understand why couples want to get a divorce but i think for your sake they should reconsider and give it one more try. Send m Seeing your parents separate is horrible.

Seeing them hate each other, scream at each other, and constantly fight would be worse..

Well my parents are in the middle of a nasty divorce, over money mostly and my brother and I agree that even if they fought a lot we wished they were still together. They put me in the middle of their fights a lot, I do my best to avoid it but I'd rather it's me than my brother so I have to put up with it.

usnwife 18

My parents never did fight. They were just distant with each other with an odd forced politeness. They stayed together for my sake and divorced when I moved out to college. Mom moved out and Dad's new wife moved in - I never had a home to go back to once I left. Had it been earlier I could have adjusted better and had more stability starting my adult life. Staying together for kids is stupid.

I'm glad my parents separated early because they never had time to fight, so they stayed on good terms. When my dad got remarried, he realized he didn't love my step mom, but forced himself to stay in the relationship for 5 more years "for the sake of the kids". Went to counseling in all that shit, but would still fight every single day. It was horrible, and when they FINALLY divorced, it was a huge mess, and now they won't even speak to each other (if they ever need to communicate they do it through me...). My situation may not be the same as everyone's, but in some cases it truly is best for the children if parents separate early on, after they know for sure it isn't going to work out.

Referencing the "I never had a home to go back to when I left" How come neither you mom or dad never let you live with them?

My parents divorced after both their kids went to college. I wish they'd done it sooner. They're still my parents, and we're still family, regardless of whether they're together -- now we can just be a family that doesn't have to deal with constant hateful fights.

it seriously depends on the reason of divorce if they are abusive and cruel to eachother or if they take out their anger on the kids then definitely get a divorce . but if they are just bored then go have date night but the worst thing that they could do was to announce it right BEFORE a family outing wait a week after its over so the news doesn't taint the memory of the trip

Your parents being together wouldn't stop their fighting, it'd make it worse and probably further feelings of resentment. Divorces are hard, I had divorced parents, but expecting them to stay in a unhappy marriage is selfish. I understand those feelings at first, it's a huge change, but at some point you need to accept its best. I understand if you are losing one of them, but that doesn't always happen. I'd rather have them divorced and HAPPY rather than together and miserable.

My parents separating when I was young was the best thing that could have happened. They just didn't work. They both re-married and had more kids and I have a large and loving family. I never had a lot of contact with my mum after she moved away but having it now is great :) I do feel sorry for people who have to suffer the divorces with their parents. Because I was only 2 I don't remember a time it was different. They don't get allong, but they are always polite around us kids

That sucks op hope this ends up being romantic and they fall in love again

nesteremily 31

That sucks OP, they could have at least waited until the end of the trip to tell you so you could still enjoy it.

my heart goes out to you.. hopefully things will get better

I literally cannot think of a single pun to make about this FML. That just... Sucks, so hard.

That would be in my top ten list of ways NOT to start a road trip... Wtf, parents?!