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Today, my boyfriend came over to celebrate our anniversary. He had a card written in crayon with my name spelled wrong, and a basket I had seen his mother throw in the trash filled with flower petals ripped from my mom's garden. Our anniversary was 3 days ago. FML
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It sounds like he did great, your boyfriend is 5 years old, right?

It doesn't say you dated for long, but he sounds like a really crappy guy. On the other hand, crayons are cute, the thought counts, then again, if he fails to spell your name...oh god


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It sounds like he did great, your boyfriend is 5 years old, right?

yeah, give him a little gold star sticker on his card and say ''nice try, you'll be better next time''

That's the card my girlfriend got me after we slept together for the first time.

Where did she put your little gold sticker?

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Pre-school love isn't it adorable, she was upset becuase she didn't get any lunchables

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You have something against crayon? :P

It doesn't say you dated for long, but he sounds like a really crappy guy. On the other hand, crayons are cute, the thought counts, then again, if he fails to spell your name...oh god

How old are you? and more importantly how old is your boyfriend? Sounds like you're both kids.

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it depends.. I dont count days, or weeks, or months, but I count years.. Gift is not important, but well, if you want to give a gift, at least do rip it off my mom's garden, and do not take it from your garbage..

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I like anniversaries, and the ONLY expensive gift I have ever gotten from my now fiance is my engagement ring (which isn't a diamond for the record. I insisted on NOT getting a diamond because it's too expensive.) But I'd like at least like him to KNOW HOW TO SPELL HER NAME. Anniversary implies a year. After a year together, you'd think he knew her name. The rest is only FML worth because he tried to pass off no effort, as something. Maybe it's just me, but I prefer no gifts over half-assed ones.

Yeah, because a girl with any depth would be thrilled to recieve a 3-days-late misspelled crayon card with a trash basket full of ripped-up petals. No matter what you think of anniversaries, this gift is worse than nothing. "I forgot" or "anniversaries suck" is classier.

who cares about anniversaries!!! its just another day of the year. I for one forget my wedding anniversary every single year, I always remember about a month after the date. My husband forgets it too and I don't care. Give guys a break, most don't care or remember anniversaries. What matters is what he does every other day of the year!

who complains about girls wanting anniversaries? cheap ass men.

You know, I like anniversaries because it's nice to celebrate being in love for x amount of years. I don't want expensive jewelry or any of that stuff. Last year, my husband 1.) spelled my name right on the card he made for me, 2.) got a single red rose to represent the one year we've been married, and 3.) made dinner for us while I made dessert. It was a great day. You can celebrate an anniversary thoughtfully without spending an assload of money. This is an FML because the boyfriend was three days late, spelled her name wrong on the card, and went dumpster diving and garden raiding for that basket of flower petals. "No matter what you think of anniversaries, this gift is worse than nothing. "I forgot" or "anniversaries suck" is classier."

You know, maybe it's great that you don't celebrate or care about anniversaries, but some people do. Whether or not they're actually wedding anniversaries. You have no right to really say since this isn't your relationship. Clearly, the OP does care, thus the FML. The boyfriend did something very tasteless. Accept the FML and stop acting like you're an ass who knows everything about everyone in every situation. Many people, guys and girls included, care about this stuff. Doesn't make them spoiled to want some respect from someone they're supposedly in love with.

I have a calendar so I don't forget. ;D And I'm more into fruit then icky candy. There's more to relationships then anniversaries (obviously) but if he's doing this untastefully, then what else is he doing the other days of the year? It'd be worse if her name was something simple too. I'm just sick of people being incredibly "oh YDI for expecting something" or "what did you expect?" It's all about respect and communication. I just noticed something though... Why didn't the OP do anything? I mean it is "their" anniversary, not "hers". She even says "our" in the FML. >_> I guess communication and compassion are going out of style in relationships these days.

for mine and my boyfriend's two year anniversary, i couldn't afford to get him anything. he treated me to dinner at bojangles and gave me a back massage and i gave him...a little somethin else. we had a great anniversary, minus the expensive presents.

excuse me! people who like love and romance like anniversaries. it's not about expensive gifts, or even gifts at all. it's about your partner showing thought and romance and celebrating the fact you're together. therefore giving CRAPPY gifts is a big deal. if he'd not given a gift but done and said really sweet caring gifts then that's fine. but the guy clearly doesn't give a shit. you SHOULD care about anniversaries, they're important.

*done and said really sweet caring things

Gifts are not important, it's about celebrating your time together. But then again, you would have to actually date someone at some point to know that, so I can understand your confusion. :P

#18 ur 100%. right I feel the same way.... just another day of the year!!

Some people actually like celebrating special moments in their lives. It's not all about getting gifts.

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The point is kind of how he obviously didn't try...

oh wow totally skipped over the name spelt wrong part. hes a shitty boyfriend theres no doubt about that. and while YES that sucks, but if theyve been together long enough to HAVE AN ANNIVERSARY then she shouldve realized this beforehand, so she still deserves it.

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@ 31 do you measure love in anniversary gifts? Because that is pretty shallow. Anniversaries are for marriages anyway.

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how do you know it wasnt there week anniversary??? gosh!!


I agree with you completely. Thumbs up 4 you.

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No need to call her a 'selfish shallow little bitch'. The FML wasn't about how much she cared about anniversary, but rather what he gave her. Maybe she didn't even care at all and the boyfriend just showed up like that. No need to be judgemental and use swear words just because you don't understand that there are two sides of the story.

Without being sexist, he's male, they don't think like woman, at least he tried which is better than a lot of guys.... HAs no one ever heard it's the thought that counts, perhaps find out what his thoughts or intentions were before stoning him, he may have put a lot of thought into it (from his point of view) ... If he didn't well then yeah you should knwo him well enough by now what to expect.

It's the thought that counts? His thought was, "she'll LOVE trash presents!!" He's not worthy of defense.

he should NOT be defended. he obviously didn't try at all. and if he thinks he did he's a moron. and sorry but my boyfriend is totally romantic and he ALWAYS remembers anniversaries and ALWAYS does sweet romantic things. he doesn't do it cos i expect it. he does it cos he likes anniversaries and being good to me. he's always kind, thoughtful, caring and romantic and sweet. you cannot use the "boys will be boys" excuse. it doesn't cut it. EVER. boys CHOOSE how to act. and if a lot of them choose to act like insensitive morons that doesn't make it right or alright. you can't be sexist and say guys don't care as much. only the crap boyfriends or partners don't.

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How rude. He should have gotten you a bucket of Twizzlers.

it says it was 3 days ago, not that its their 3rd anniversary.