By brob56 - 23/04/2009 03:11 - United States

Today, I was talking to my hot neighbor. We were in the driveway of her house, and I looked at her car and noticed a hideous dummy. It was fat and just ugly, but I didn't think much of it. I tried to make a joke and asked, "Where did you get that awful thing?" She said, "That's my daughter". FML
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you were STANDING IN THE DRIVEWAY and you couldn't see that it was a real person? YDI

you deserved it, ********.


you deserved it, ********.

hahahaha! thanks so much, your failure just made my day :)

Must of been a hideous child

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I haven't laughed at an FML in such a long time. Thank you OP for making my day.

LOL fail. Better than it being a actual dead body n ur neighbor being q phsyo path. Rite.

you were STANDING IN THE DRIVEWAY and you couldn't see that it was a real person? YDI

Agree with #1.

Dumbass. I agree with all the previous posts. Tear your eyes away from her rack for a second and notice the world around you. You may notice a dick on your forehead.

Lol @5

How long have you been neighbours? Have you been so busy checking her out that you failed to notice the other people living in her house?

lol she shoulda answered something like this "From somewhere you aren't ever gonna be"

#7 win

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why do all these FMLs refer to the opposite sex as "hot/sexy" and "the most beautiful girl/boy in school"? where are all these attractive people and why cant I find them??

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true that, true that

I just found one..

wow. you're a douchebag!

I agree with.... Everyone, you douchebag!

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#8, maybe you're not paying attention? I see plenty of attractive people (though I'm sure the people who say "hottest in the room" are exaggerating for storytelling purposes). YDI for not being able to tell the difference between a doll and a human.