By Anonymous - 11/03/2010 15:24 - United Kingdom

Today, my extremely loud and nocturnal flatmate phoned me to tell me excitedly that he got an accordion for his birthday. FML
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Would you enjoy being kept up until 4 in the morning by a loud beginner accordion player? it's one thing to play one well it's bad enough for most people, but to be bad at a bad instrument is not a double negative.


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OP should trade the acordian for a tuba and send him to Justin Bieber's house

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this is lame not the accordion the fml

The fml is not so lame seeing as now he/she has to live with this annoying person playing an accordion all the time >.<

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he shouldn't have called you. he should have came home and played it. way less annoying.

worst fml I've ever seen in my life. how did this bs get past the mods?

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And this I'd an FML because ... ?

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^ And I know, my dang iPhone spelled "Is" "I'd". I don't want to get verbally murdered by a bunch of insane grammer Nazis.

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Oh wait I read it wrong. I thought it said some friend got an Acordian. But your roomate got an Acordian. So yeah FYL! I would A. Buy Earplugs B. Move out as fast as possible C. Take a bat and smash the Gould instrument to pieces.

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Wow another spellcheck error. Not "Gould" "Foul". I really need to fix my iPhone!

The worst you've ever seen in your entire life? Are you sure that's not a bit hyperbolic?

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so r dogs in darth vader costumes

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no 55 this fml is still lame 120%

Get an attack dog. Train it to attack at the sound of an accordion. Solved.

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uh what's a flatmate a roomate?

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now THIS is a true-to-its-name FML. the gift that keeps on giving! fyl, op. make him move out if he starts it.

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mcicycool I love your darth pug

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how the **** is this an fml? unless u were sleeping......……

^^thats what the nocturnal part was for smart one. and damn Brits and your flats be normal

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I fail to see the problem. Accordions rock bro.

@82 what does this have to do with conic sections?

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second until 100 people comment on number 1. enjoy your spot while you still have it.

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who cares about being second I hate it when people comment just to be first or second

beat his ass with a ****** drum stick! lil wayne style

Yeah lil wayne style, asking for protected custidy in jail because you are such a hard gangsta. lol

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i woulda said "**** off" and hung up

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#5 yes they are..... but your pic isn't

whats a flatmate ? a hot girl with small boobs ? and does she put out ? if so im interested.

Tie him down and time the tv to turn on when Family Matters is on? The screaming would be a little too loud for me personally.....

Awesome! I love Europian accordian music.

If he plays it at night, go in and slash the bit in the middle. He can't do that, so don't let him. Or, buy a tuba, and play it LOUDLY next to his bedroom during the day. Karma.

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