By anonymous - 11/03/2010 19:55 - United States

Today, I found out that my art project, the one I've been working on for the last two weeks and the first piece I felt really comfortable about turning in, was stolen out of the art cupboard. FML
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Kind of a compliment, I guess? Someone thought it was nice enough that they wanted it!

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I know how you feel that happened to me too. it was a painting that was worth 600 pts. and I know everyone keeps saying to remake it. but I know for a fact that's harder said then done. there is no way to even closely repaint another one to resemble the last one. sorry about that man.


that really effing sucks dude

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paint it again as best as you can

FYL that your so gay.

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same thing happened to me in wood shop except I built a life size boat and some one took it I was like WTF how did that happen it huge!

what kind of dork shit steals an art project, are they really gonna turn it in? really? ..really?

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At least you knew it was good eh? But anyways FYL. Try and make another that looks the same...

It's never easy to remake something like that... it won't be as good as the original.

12- lol why the fuck would someone want to steal a boat that was made in woodshop, 1. too much trouble to take out of school 2. kinda hard to hide from cameras in/outside the school 3. it's made in woodshop

Cameras? Does your school also have metal detectors and drug sniffing dogs?

what school doesn't have cameras? then again my school just got built this year

Do you live in a big city or something? I live in the suburbs and my school was last renovated in the 90's.

that just means it was good enough to be stolen. congratualations

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acualy IRS good his art has value if it got stolen

sorry to hear that, but take it as a compliment?

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that's crap!! I'm soo sorry:/ FYL):

Ha! You should've been a dentist.

And have her prized dentures taken from right under her nose? I think not!

Kind of a compliment, I guess? Someone thought it was nice enough that they wanted it!

FYL, happened to me too OP. :(

At least you know it was worth stealing.

Gremlins did it.

Alright, who fed them after Midnight!? Gosh, people! The rules aren't THAT hard!

not an fml. just art.

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did Picasso cry in an fml when his art was stolen? I think not

JUST ART?! WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN- I shouldn't be too surprised, this site is full of semi-retarded and fully ignorant douchebags. Carry on.

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well picasso died before his art got stolen thus him not putting it on FML

there was fml back then?

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JUST ART?? wow good job. you just pissed me off. you obviously have no appeciation for the arts at all. you're in for a long boring life.

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wow, that sux but if your stupid enough to leave your work unprotected ydi

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You're dumb.

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"Doing art"? Nice.