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Today, my boyfriend told me that he wanted to break up with me but it had to be after our cruise together because he doesn't want to lose out on money. Can't wait for the Bahamas. FML
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Greendaycheese 12

Push him off of the cruise ship! >:)

Guess who's sleeping on the couch in your suite?


Greendaycheese 12

Push him off of the cruise ship! >:)

Or.. Go have an amazing time,at his expense!

calmyourself 7

MAN OVER... Jk, let him drown

KM96 24

16 - talk about a selfish idiot!

I'm confused Baustigt, are you that much of an idiot to not realize Featshrine is talking about the FML? Because they didn't mention Greendaycheese or Alyshasocool at all.

26- Want to know what else is annoying, and also ironic? Bitching about threadjacking by threadjacking. It's like speeding after a sports car going 50 over the speed limit on the highway to try to stop them so you can tell them they're breaking the law.

StoryOfTheYear: Baustigt was neither bitching about it nor being a hypocrite. He was merely pointing out that FearShrine was threadjacking. Baustigt: Threadjacking under the first comment is a normal occurrence now. In fact, when I was still The_Hitdude, I did it couple times when I was a new member. It's annoying, but the usual now.

17- I think that Featshine was talking about the FML dumbass. REREAD THINGS.

burro: Did you just read Baustigt's comment and then decide to comment? Because that conversation just happened. FearShrine was threadjacking. Baustigt KNOWS he was talking about the FML. Dumbass.

51- you're right. I'm sorry. Next time I won't be such a hypocrit (sp?) I'm such a dumbass.

*Ax. ****, well I just ruined it. Back to the hole I go...


#69, I thought it was axe, you are an American so its not British/Australian is it? Correct me if im wrong, because I probably am.

71-I have an American education, but I'm British. So right now I'm thoroughly confused.

#71, Why do you photograph roadkill? Just wondering. You must be a very strange child.

You should meet a hot guy and bring him into your room while he's in there. Then tell him 'thanks for making me come on this vacation!'


#81 I just do, BTW you're the second person today that said that.

66- Threadjacking, in my view anyways, is any comment posted under an original comment not related to that comment. Replying to someone who is threadjacking by saying "You're threadjacking" doesn't make you an FML cop immune to the boundaries of threadjacking. Your comment is still no more related to the original comment than they were. Again that's just my definition.

Yeah but your opinion's invalid Loren, cause you're the poster boy for threadjacking. And your logic blows.

Yeah but your opinion's horse-shit and invalid Loren, cause you're pretty much the POSTER BOY for thread-jacking. And your logic is totally flawed, for reasons that should be obvious to anyone with more than two brain cells working together.

136- So I can't define the thing I do best?

I raise my hand and call myself a twat. I apologize, after thinking for more than a second about how threads work outside of FML I see that I was a dumbass in my thought process, I accept thumbs down on this. Thanks for getting what few gears I have on in my head moving.

SystemofaBlink41 27
SystemofaBlink41 27

Yes, yeeeess! The cruise ship! The cruise ship! Push him off of it! No one will ever know... Buahahahaha.

beelee1988 13

You realize that you're all threadjacking now right? Lol. And now I am too. xD . -waits patiently for my thumbs down-

Or try to get him back... If you still like him.

Tell him you don't want to lose out on time finding Mr. Right and bring guys back to the room

Guess who's sleeping on the couch in your suite?

Why's that? Every time a guy breaks up with his girlfriend he's branded the asshole, you only know as much as OP has told you. If he waited til after the cruise you can be sure OP would have posted another FML along the lines of "omg my boyfriend just strung me along for 2 weeks on a cruise and then broke up with me when it was done" either way the boyfriend would be the bad guy. There's no good time to break up with someone, it's a crappy thing for both people involved and if you actually thought about it instead of jumping on the "hes an asshole bandwagon" there must have been a good reason for him to break up with her. I doubt OP is entirely blameless.

I have to agree with #53. I mean, just because us guys decide to break up with a girl doesn't make us Assholes. Oh by the way I'm going to the Bahamas in 9 days haha

It's got nothing to do with just wanting to break up. You don't plan a trip with someone then tell them you want to break up with them right before the trip and then tell them you want to go together on the trip just to save money. Stop trying to be hipster and jump on the "I'm so different to all you conformists wagon"

Aug1508 9

53 and 57 I agree with you both. He shouldn't be branded an asshole for ending an unhappy relationship. And there's also no right time to break up with someone but there are definitely better times to do it. For example a week before the trip I'm sure he already had an idea he didn't want to be with the chick anymore, but decided to stick with it to make it on the cruise. Or after the cruise that way there would be no awkward moments and the OP enjoyed herself, I'm sure their probably sharing a room since when they planned to go on the cruise they were together. What makes him an asshole is the fact that he's being selfish and inconsiderate to OPs feelings. Who wants to go on a trip with someone who they cared for but that just broke up with them? He probably broke up with her right before the trip to be able to hook with other girls. Thats what is so messed up about it.


ohh! ohh! I know this one! is it OP's boyfriend?

I'm not jumping on any bandwagon I'm actually using my brain here, you should try it. A cruise isn't something you book a week in advance, if you want to go on a cruise you plan to do so months in advance. So if you book a cruise months beforehand and then something goes wrong in the relationship a week before, it ISN'T always the mans fault as much as half of the women on here would like to think. Just because I don't have the same opinion as you doesn't make me a hipster, look up what a hipster really is before you make yourself look like a stupid asshole.

No, I agreed with you up until the last part and then you just pissed me off. What about OP's post told you any evidence that the guy wanted to get with other girls? Stop assuming shit and blaming guys for stuff that you have no clue about, what if OP was a complete psycho bitch and he had no choice but to break up with her? A cheater is the worst kind of person, so don't brand people as 'cheaters' unless you know the whole story.

You could look at it as a blessing. He doesn't want to be with her but is still willing to go on a trip with her, she must not have done something terribly horrible! She could take this cruise to maybe remind him of why they were together! Maybe after spending a bunch of time together in a romantic setting he may change his mind about the break up. If I were in the position it's better to know before hand, so I had a chance to try and work it out!

I bet he proposes and it was a plan he played out.

If my boyfriend proposed to me that way I would say no.

That's a ******* retarded way to propose. "I know I broke your heart, but will you marry meee?"

MerrikBarbarian 9

Well just ignore him and have fun making new friends on trip then, or if it really bothers you don't go. Either way go out and have some fun! :)

Minx108 12

Agreed!! Show him your ability to have a good time and be happy does not depend on him especially feel the same way! Badly done on his part! :/

citymayer 7

Right? I'd find me a few good men. Don't want to waste money after all!

Yeah exactly-doesn't seem like you *have* to go, but I guess it depends if you want to stay friends or not

Your boyfriend, OP, is a plain asshole.

ss_20_xx 14

How do you know? Maybe she broke his heart.

science_nerd 5

So the asshole is always the person who breaks up with the other? He was being truthful and didn't want to waste money.

beelee1988 13

I don't know why #75 was thumbed down. She's right. OP could've been breaking up with her because of something SHE did. But was nice enough to still invite her on the cruise, whether he wanted to save money or not.

beelee1988 13

Sorry I meant whether he was going to lose out on the money or not.*

Do not give him any while your away, he sounds like a prick anyway. Your probably better off without him :(

Why would he be getting any if she knows they're about to be exes?

Keattles 14

Because they might be in a room together? Sleeping in the same bed ;)

SystemofaBlink41 27

The least he could've done was until the cruise was over, at least he'd be getting some

Hmm just find a way to prevent him from coming to the cruise with you! Pretend they have changed the dates or give him some sleeping tablets the day before leaving so that he will not wake up in time for the departure!

hewro_failure 11

Better yet she should steal the tickets and take one of her friends on the cruise instead...nothing ends a relationship better than a nice long cruise with your beat friend talking shit about your now ex boyfriend and enjoying life at his expense :-)

Just find a hot guy on the cruise and flaunt that you're having a good time no matter how much of a douche bag your ex is.

hockeyoceancity 13

Yeah be a dick to the person who took you on the cruise, I'm sure being a complete bitch will solve the problem. If you're that worked up about it don't go? He can just bring a friend. The guy is always the asshole right. Girls are just as mean as guys... In my experience even worse.

In this FML it sounds like he is the asshole. Douche

57- Maybe she paid for her half of the cruise. And how can she not be worked up over it? Don't go getting your panties in a knot. Besides, you're seventeen. How much experience could you possibly have.

hockeyoceancity 13

I dated a girl almost 2 years i have pretty well experience you asshole. I hate you people assume that the person making the FML is the person who got ****** over. I'll play along, maybe she is a crazy bitch and puts everything the way that makes her look defenseless? Maybe just made it up because she is an attention *****? Or maybe you're right, but see what assuming does? Bring up a bunch of bullshit. Judgemental scrubs. Thumb me down if you are an assuming piece of shit. :)

hockeyoceancity 13

116 nice profile picture, making fun of cancer, real mature of you.

Screw the captain or something similar and have a rebound fling on board. If he insist that you should go on the cruise together even though he just broke up with you, he'll just have to handle it. Oops I see someone posted something similar already :)

tony1891 22

you're boyfriend is a cheap skate.

tony1891 22
perdix 29

#12. Don't you think #6 and #11 would make a cute couple? Maybe, you'd get invited to they're wedding, and while you're their, you could explain how there always using "your" and "you're" wrong.

SmallBean 12

my bad... you did it all intentionally

zuzupetalsYO 11

Your last "there" should read "their" and your usage of commas is ridiculous.

Maybe they'd even each other out, Perdix