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Today, I told my mother that, after years of cheating and abuse, I'm finally getting a divorce. Her reaction was deep concern that my husband might not want to "be friends" with the rest of the family any more. FML
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friedpwnadge 25

It sounds like your mom cares more about your husband than she does about you. Talk to her. Sorry OP


friedpwnadge 25

Should of dropped kicked her in the throat.

Drop kick to the throat? Tell me how this would work please..

"Your mother is bad and she should feel bad!"

friedpwnadge 25

I actually made this my picture for that reason. Crap, I missed my chance.

It sounds like your mom cares more about your husband than she does about you. Talk to her. Sorry OP

It's fairly common for abusive people to be well liked by the families of those they abuse. Abusive people are often extremely charming when in public situations

I had the same situation with my ex husband. Only thing is, my mom hated him and knew about the abuse and wanted me to leave him. Finally after I did she calls him her son and talks to him all the time, more than she does me. Even told him she hoped I got back with him. I'll never understand it.

Wait, she HATED him and knew about the abuse, but started liking him after you finally left? WTF???

Maybe you should hook her up with him... No that would be cruel.

#56 ya, she has some problems. He's been in and out of jail for backed up child support to his other ex, getting in fights/breaking parole and would write letters to me and her. He would always sound like a sweet guy in the letters because he was sobering up in jail, talking about how he's changed blah blah. I gave him the benefit of the doubt a couple of times because I knew him before all that stuff and knew he could be a good guy but within a week or two being out he'd be drinking and doing drugs again. I gave up and she continued to believe he would change. #61, it would also be extremely ******* awkward lol.

Is it possible your mom might have a little thing for your now ex? I've heard of this happening were married couples are friends and a divorce happens. Hopefully mom will stand by you.

How can your mother say that. Divorce him and FYL.

Does she know about him being abusive? If so, then that's a really insensitive thing to say. FYL OP.

hopsinlove17 26

Screw her. Your safety and mental stability is more important.

ThePandoricaOpen 18

Sounds like victim-blaming, to me.

Your mother sounds like a bitch. If she doesn't apologize for that selfish comment, you don't need her either.

Tell her she can visit him whenever she wants.

Wow! I'm shocked that she would care more about being friends with your abusive husband than trying to comfort and support you. I just don't understand how some people could be that way.

TeacherTeacher 11

I think you need to divorce your mother as well as your husband if that's her attitude. Good luck.