By MrsKSB - 11/11/2010 17:46 - United States

Today, my boss was watching taser pranks online, when he said he was going to "get me". We often take turns playing pranks on each other, and I was the last to prank him. Now I'm terrified to move or turn my back on anything other than a wall at work. FML
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JumpinJacks_fml 0

Oh man, that must be pretty shocking!

Whenever he comes up to you, just yell, "Don't tase me, bro!"


JumpinJacks_fml 0

Oh man, that must be pretty shocking!

Fortuitous 0

What a shocking, new development in this story.

Whenever he comes up to you, just yell, "Don't tase me, bro!"

Fortuitous 0

Naturally, it would be you to interject this into the discussion. Well done.

flashback.miss 28

pikachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!! lol but what the.... oO

you are now my hero with that pikachu comment :)

I hate Yuki D: zero is better than that lol anyway be careful and don't do any pranks next time op

Arsonnist 3

Start watching flashbang pranks and combine it with a taser.

Arsonnist 3

He wouldn't know what banged him.

Dude, you play pranks with your boss. That's AWESOME!!

exactly… I was scrolling through the comments just trying to find the guy that says this.

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lol 20 same here. i wanna work where op works!

kayiscoolllll 6

he probably works at Dunder Mifflin :D

Iknoweverything 29

Possibly this IS the ultimate prank... he's got you scared, doesn't he?

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clever! that's definitely a good prank

It's an awful prank, people have died from being tasered.

They letting him think he was going to tasered. I think that's how you spell it but I'm not really sure.

23-yes but what #13 is saying is that the prank was to make him think that he was gonna get tased but really isn't going to be.

Yeah, but that's not how you grammarize (trademarked phrase :-P). It's "They let." And also, technically it's only one person, so it's "he." Also "be tasered." Also, it's only an awful prank if they actually taser him, #23.

Why does everyone think they need to correct people's grammar!! You're on FML for Christ's sake.

Not everyone corrects grammar. That would be the Grammar Nazis. Get used to them. They aren't going away and they can be very, very annoying if your grammar is poor.

wDeemish 0

I know right ! and it's not really their business. some people don't really speak English well so what -.-"

Deemish, it isn't so much the poor English that the Grammar Nazis correct. It's the people who use the incorrect form of "there" and "your" repeatedly, along with improper punctuation and poor syntax. If you aren't a native English speaker (as MANY of the folks here are), the Grammar Nazis are not out to get you.

I'd be so freaked out. I'd have like a panic attack

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