By MrsKSB / Thursday 11 November 2010 17:46 / United States
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Yeah, but that's not how you grammarize (trademarked phrase :-P). It's "They let." And also, technically it's only one person, so it's "he." Also "be tasered."

Also, it's only an awful prank if they actually taser him, #23.

  DocBastard  |  38

Not everyone corrects grammar. That would be the Grammar Nazis. Get used to them. They aren't going away and they can be very, very annoying if your grammar is poor.

  DocBastard  |  38

Deemish, it isn't so much the poor English that the Grammar Nazis correct. It's the people who use the incorrect form of "there" and "your" repeatedly, along with improper punctuation and poor syntax. If you aren't a native English speaker (as MANY of the folks here are), the Grammar Nazis are not out to get you.