Crazy nights

By Ugh... - 20/07/2010 08:15 - United States

Today, I went to my boyfriend's house. Expecting to get a little action, I was surprised to find that he had fallen asleep while I was showering. I spent my night watching television and browsing the internet while he snored. Loudly. FML
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schwancy 2

boo hoo!! I'm tired of these whiny FMLs about stuff that isn't even that bad.

perdix 29

Wake him up with a *******. No guy can sleep through that.


wowthatshorrible_fml 0

dude you gotta stop saying first all the time it doesn't prove anything

#11, thats exactly what I was thinking. ;) I'm sure she could do something to wake him up and get him in the mood...

StopB1tchingYDI 0

just get some action at night cuz he'll be recharged cuz he just took a long nap

duckie227 22

perfect time to wake him up. any man who gets upset because you woke him with sex deserves to be single

but he might be tired, op should think about her bf too!

so did u leave b4 he woke up or did u wait?

BabyDacey 0

Massive YDI. You expect him not to sleep just for you? Do you want him to do a little dance for you, too? Maybe he was tired, and just not in the mood for sex. If you really wanted sex, you should've told him before your shower. You're probably one of those girlfriends that never tells her guy what she wants, totally expects to be treated like a princess and then whines on FML. Also, probably at some point you've turned him down when you weren't in the mood, so stop being lame and whiny.

twinny_sc 13

morning sex is always fun too :)

gingernator 0

I see a girl in anything less than fully clothed and I am on, I see her with underwear or less, and I'm ready to go. so YDI for not waking him and showing him ur ****

you should've told him to shower with you... were is your imagination dum butt!!

39- agreed. men are dumb. if it's not clearly spoken, we won't get it.

what an idiot!!!! my boyfriend hops in the shower with me everytime I shower when he's around (except when his moms home) but bahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

the_flirtt 0

wow op you horny little girl

lovemysnubber 0

I would have got in and slept with him

iamironman97 0

exactly, 39. y did she take long enough for him to fall asleep? YDI.

spartan_girl 0

eh, if my husband is laying in bed, even with the lights and TV on, and he's even remotely tired (as in, it's after like 9 pm, even if he slept 9 hours the night before) he often falls asleep within 5 minutes. so it COULD have been a short shower, and the bf just falls asleep quickly But, if my husband knows I'm on my way in to have sex, he keeps himself awake

Brittaneyyy 0

#36 is my new favorite person that comment summed it all up

Shookitup 0

how is this an FML? more lke FHL for having a dumb gf -_- and you easily could have woke him up.

wwere you looking at **** on the Internet?

heyyy ur hot do u wana see my 3rd leg

My bf is kind of a Sallie when it comes to staying up late so when I can tell he's super tired I just wait for morning sex lol. no big deal. He knows I don't mind waking up for sex so it works out

61 - Wow.. you MUST be dumb because that isn't at all what 39 was saying in her comment.

Isn't it everymans fantasy to be woken up with a BJ? You totally missed your chance to give him a very thoughtfull gift.

That's because he is marred and has to take what he can get, with regard to sex.

damn if i was him id jump in with her

HaxivX 0

Damn. That's all I have to say. ... Anti Flood is awesome Anti Flood Kicks ass ... ...

I love your Vincent Valentine pic thoughh. O:

If you think thats bad, my boyfriend is always awake and thats still all we do

schwancy 2

boo hoo!! I'm tired of these whiny FMLs about stuff that isn't even that bad.

BOO HOO OP. Your boyfriend is Human! He has to Sleep! FYL!!! Seriously, with all things considered its probably a good thing. It means that you don't get tired, half-assed sex, and when you do actually do it tomorrow, he'll have more than enough energy to get you off ;)

ArtIsResistance7 1

Well if your boyfriend won't do the job, I will! Call me :]

perdix 29

You may want to rethink that. If she is so awful that her boyfriend can't stay awake to screw her when she's horny, just how unattractive is this thing?

ArtIsResistance7 1

This is why Edison invented teh light-bulb :P

I believe that he invented the light bulb so people could see in the dark, which is the exact opposite of what you are trying to do, I think. You should be referencing whoever invented the light switch so you can turn off that light bulb when bumping a nasty.

_princess61522_ 0

hahahaa that's too funny :D

lonesomeXheartbr 0

that's why teh doggy-style was invented. naw jp

ArtIsResistance7 1

lol @ skatterbug. You're right!

yagurlteeteexoxo 0

he was tired op. if you wanted it so badly then you could have just fingered yourself. give the man a break an make sure when he wakes up he finds his breakfast by his bedside waiting.

c'mon, maybe he was just tired... give him a break! Not a FML...

perdix 29

Wake him up with a *******. No guy can sleep through that.

If she's so bad that he'll fall alseep instead of nailing her, what makes you think her ******** are any better?

perdix 29

Her face would be further away and partially obscured by ****. She might look positively "eh" in that posture.

Some women do look better like that, but I don't think that makes their skills any better.