By Anonymous - 10/10/2010 04:29 - United States

Today, I swerved to miss hitting a kitten, over-corrected, hit and killed the cat, and totaled my truck by hitting a parked car. FML
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perdix 29

It happened so slowly that the kitten matured into a cat during the swerve?

perdix 29

Did the swerve take such a long time that the kitten matured in a cat?


sonnet 0

now the cat's left with 8 lives!

H8rSk8r 0

Today, I was just strolling down I-88 when this dumbass driver ran me over. There goes my seventh life. FML

xxniteskie 1

He did. Hence the "and killed the cat," part of the FML.

NotYourOrdinary7 6

# 1. Hahaha I literally cracked up at this comment.

Why did you swerve to miss it?! You just missed out on 15 points for missing the kitten. At least you got 10 points for hitting the other cat. OP, you just missed out on a rare 25 point combo opportunity...

KingDingALing 9

Noooooooo! Kitty! Pet the kitty, pet the kitty, pet the kitty:)

The problem is the OP owns a truck. Should of had a car, much more maneuverable. You survived the accident because you had a truck, but you could have avoided the accident if you had had a car. Which would you rather have done?

whileyone 0 dont reapair a totaled car number 35...and also how do u total a truck on a car unless u hve a quarter ton?

zakkyzebra 11

53, it was at night and a hidden black person was holding the cat. that's an extra 50.

@35 and 44, I don't think that word means what you think it means. @ OP, like others said, you're supposed to just hit the animal. That way you don't risk your life by hitting someone else or driving off the road (which you did).

if you swerve or stop u could pile up, or what you did.

The_Big_Mac 7

op: Never swerve for an animal, ever. tho the person who said you can't fix a totaled vehicle, yes yes you can you get a salvaged title and totaled is overused in that aspect because a car worth $1000 that hits a tree but is still drivable my have $1000 damage on it, in which case it's totaled out by insurance as a loss to them. all you do to save it is buy back from the insurance company and you get a salvage title

FFML_314 11

Dueshbag? And don't give us that 'I'm typing really fast on my iPod, sorry guys' crap. I'm using my iPhone an I'm spelling like a normal person.

fishertruck 0

Trojan seems to be from A) The ghetto. B) A country so foreign he fails at English. Or C) He's highly inteligent and doesn't want anyone to find out.

I guess 13 wants the whole world to know how 'Inteligent' he really is.

AlyWallyy 0

#14 ur a real bitch no joke. it's onefuking mistake, and ur pointing it out. 14 your whole life is a mistake. and he prbably spelled it as duesh because he might not be comfortable with douche.

natas_fml 13

pahahahaha well I guess you told him.

Yeah thanks pendatik didn't see that one there and I can't use that 'I'm using my iPhone' excuse this time. :D

MetalFish 0

This Grammar Nazism has gotten WAY out of hand now, remember that time when people were allowed to make mistakes? Good times, when people had better things to worry about other than someone accidentally misspelling something on an internet forum.

perdix 29

It happened so slowly that the kitten matured into a cat during the swerve?

ahahaha those damn trucks it's like an obese car, they don't do fast.

Today, some dumbass ran over my cat then ****** up the back of my car. FML

See people, this is why you gotta stop masturbating!! :p

#23: Everytime you **********, God kills a kitten. Remember? So clearly if someone in the world hadn't masturbated, that cat would still be around.

perdix 29

Did the swerve take such a long time that the kitten matured in a cat?

are you joking or did not read t through? kitten is a baby cat. cat is refereed to be adult. they missed the kitten and hit the cat. they avoided the baby but the adult.

FFML_314 11

Oh wow. No, the OP said "the cat" meaning the cat that was previously mentioned. Perdix, I was wondering the very same thing. LOL

oohh. i had to read this twice. i thought there were two cats on the road >.<

xxniteskie 1

This FML didn't confuse me until I read this comment... and then I sat with a "O.o" face and wondered the same thing...

Hear that #10? That's the joke flying over your head.

wanted4myeyez 7

i feel u!!! next time I'm gonna hit the dog!!!

Next time you spell like that, I'm going to hit you.

elsnappypickle 0

boner, thats nastyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ewwwwwwww gayyyyyyyyy and put a shirt on u ****

Fatalally 4

I hope you have learnt to make sure you just kill the cat in the first place. In the UK if you swerve to avoid hitting an animal during your driving test you get failed.

You should've just aimed for the cat. It would've been much cheaper to wash your car than paying to fix two

Xavi89 0

pretty sure op wasn't worried about washing blood off the car when they swerved to avoid the kitten -_-

FYLDeep 25

Always hit the animal. It's safer and will do less damage to your vehicle 9 times out of 10. Especially a cat, but it's still the better way to go even for a deer.