By PunctureWound - 10/10/2010 00:57 - Canada

Today, we were playing a game at work where whenever someone is in the washroom, we throw a 2 inch lug nut at the door because it makes a huge bang and scares whoever is in there. I was just opening the door to exit when someone threw the nut. It hit me in the face. FML
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YDI for playing kiddy games at your workplace.

better your face then your nuts?


YDI for playing kiddy games at your workplace.

that's what happens


You all deserve to be fired for fooling around. OP, you deserve to be laughed at, humiliated, then fired>:D

holly crap!! that guy is nuts!!

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do you by any chance live in north Korea?

what goes around comes around.

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You're angry!

Picnics are gay.

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seems like something that would be on the office.

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I don't think Dwight would allow that for very long though....

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Lol nuts hitting faces = messed up version of teabagging. XD

Holy duckfuck that asshole's got balls!

That's awesome. We always do crazy stuff like this at my work.

85- nice referance, CREEP ASS.

does your the whole office sit in front of a bathroom?

*Nelson voice* HAHA!

better your face then your nuts?

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ydi !! get back to work before i fire every single one of you clowns .

So somebody's nuts hit you in the face? Ok.

It probably isn't the first time...

haha omg! that's terrible OP but at the same time very funny. maybe since someone got hurt they will stop.

I swear nikkibeez every time I see you on fml commenting there is always some guy replying with a comment that says "you're hot".

FFML_314 11

She's not going to suck your cock, dude.

schmoookin hot ;) nikki not the angry black dude lol

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haha ffml you cockblocker.

#5 I doubt it. :P Humans these days don't give a shot when people get hurt, they'll continue playing anyways.

*shit stupid autocorrector... :(

yes, everyone realises you have boobs, people like you shit me, oops, they 'accidently' got in the picture, SKANK.

thanks cause if I wanted to do a boob shot I would have done so. keep your comments to yourself if you don't have anything useful to say.

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Nikki, that isn't how men work. If someone gets hurt they'll just keep playing.

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lol you got hit in the face with nuts xD

You should have done the responsible thing and thrown it back harder.

man the door on a cubicle is like 3 foot wide, u must have had opened it at superspeed to let them get a clean shot and before they realized the door was opening

it was the bathroom

In soviet russia, lug nut lugs you!

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15th? Really? I don't even understand why people get stoked over "1st," but 15th?