By lightblue - 10/10/2010 04:33 - United States

Today, I found out my boyfriend is an active member of the suicide forum. He told me I should make an account too. FML
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I'm guessing they don't have many members.

perdix 29

Is it a forum that is for or against suicide? If they're against it, maybe he thinks you'd be good at helping suicidal people not take their own lives. If they're the other kind, he's looking for an easy way to dump you.


mmmm time to talk counciling if you ask me.

H8rSk8r 0

You should just end it all. The relationship that is.

Tora_Chan 0

psycho! next!

AlyWallyy 0

#26 your a fuking jerk!

elsnappypickle 0

hurry and end the relationship like what #26 said! I've one through with a psycho like that before and it drove me nuts! find a new boyfriend!!!!

Right, ditch your partner when he feels depressed. Definitely the right way to go.

kofinater 3

Sounds like he is asking for help

LightSkinFresh 0

#45 *You're *fucking

sure he didn't mean suicide girls? it's a tasteful pinup girl site with an active fun online community.

you crack me up freeze

TheSofaKing 7

They would have a high turn over rate with many members but very few active.

looool freeze. ur hilarious

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Love this^

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freeze what's your picture from?

Its from

I'm guessing they don't have many members.

"Suicide forum" could be any one of a few different types of sites but most all of them mean the bf has a problem. (The exception would be if he goes online to make others feel better.)

oh I saw what you did there... #2

@48: Good, because I don't...

I like to call the suicide hotline and act like I'm killing myself. Am I a bad person?

Night22_fml 4

shoot a capgun and fall to the floor. listen to the responses

czalc 0

Guys he's saying if it's a suicide site most of the members have probably killed themselves if its the kind of site I am assuming it is. Not that complicated.

#2 their membership has been declining in recent years. The hardest thing is getting the merit badges. Especially the lifetime achievement badge. I'd kill for that one. But seriously. Perhaps what he meant is that he is a member of a suicide prevention or helpline volunteer association? Otherwise the relationship sounds like it is a dead end. (sorry. I find humour to be an antidote sometimes)

Do you even need to ask that question? Of course you are!

mif_fml 27

What the fuck #113..

Tell him to get on suicidegirls instead.

FFML_314 11

That's...depressing. Don't count on making friends.

fishertruck 0

And what's wrong with that? Seriously op you're a judgemental bitch.You should be medicated or something.People like you sicken me.I think your boyfriend should be the one posting about your sorry ass.Fhl.

FFML_314 11

This FML went over your head.

fishertruck 0

Not quite,my iPod in which contains the post happens to be in my lap.So do not approach a situation you do not understand.

Ever heard of spaces after a full stop? Seriously how would you feel if you found out that a loved one or close friend was registered on a suicide forum? Would you just sit there and watch them slowly fall apart, or would you try to help?

fishertruck 0

Op fails to mention if the forum is for people to vent about taking their lives, or if it is for people to seek help for their problems with life.But it most likely is a bunch of kids hopped up on hormones taking life for granted and wanting to die.

Or maybe they're actually people that are in desperate need of help and are not in control of themselves. It's possibly, most likely not their fault they're in that situation.

FFML_314 11

Doubtful. I think your assumptions on such a sensitive subject is vile. I can assure you that I know plenty about suicide and also know that OP has every right to be upset or feel a bit weird. If you don't understand that, then you are the bitch here.

fishertruck 0

I have considered suicide myself but came to the conclusion that life is too valuable.I would agree anyone that seriously might go through with a suicide attempt should seek some sort of help. But I think too many teens and young adults these days are suicidal,or atleast claiming to be for attention, it's a sad statistic and it is a serious issue.I honestly wish these kids would know there are people out there that would listen to them or help them.I do have a dark sense of humor so in a way this is amusing if you consider the fact it's a forum for suicidal people, the humor would end though if I knew that this post was actually factual and had nothing to do with suicide stories currently being streamed like crazy through the media.So I hope I'm not too vile.But I Am a Bitch.

Oh and By the way, please put a space after a full stop. It's extremely annoying and confusing to read with it all bunched up there.

fishertruck 0

I read it just fine.If it bothers you that bad just don't read it.I know you,for some reason, do not like me but that's just odd to say to someone you don't even know.Of course you are trying to be an ass on the Internet and that is what life is about these days.

Not really. I'm just giving you a tip if you don't want to be constantly bashed about your posts.

If you don't want to be constantly bashed about your posts, you should also avoid calling people judgmental for not wanting their loved ones to kill themselves.

The FML doesn't say what the situation is, just that the boyfriend is a member on the website. He could be helping people, or be suicidal himself. In either case I would also recommend the OP become a member to help either her boyfriend or others. Everyone can feel suicidal, some more than others.

fishertruck 0

I'm glad you understand the other possibility of this fml 28. Honestly op could look down on people with weak mindsets.Too many people want to side with the op's anymore unless they've done something truly ignorant.

Lolelephant 0

It would not be a fml if it wasn't a suicidal thingy.. I think overeacting for one and overseeing for another. But you probably don't know about the page and she probably does that's why it's a fml!

Lolelephant 0

she's probaby scared too!^

cheese and crackers (:

Random comment is random.

but delicious. :)

fruitloop1221 1

and you know this is a "kid" how? adults can be suicidal too dumbass. you don't know the op so Stfu.

fruitloop1221 1

that was directed at "fishertruck" btw.

mrbobmarley4 8

Your a bitch.

Well sounds like something you guys can both do together haha

Run-- Screaming!!! Can we say psycho?

FFML_314 11

Psycho. NEXT!

Piss...spy...bloody hell, I can't. On to the next one.

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psychic! ... fuck.

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perdix 29

Is it a forum that is for or against suicide? If they're against it, maybe he thinks you'd be good at helping suicidal people not take their own lives. If they're the other kind, he's looking for an easy way to dump you.

dug44 0

+1.... my thoughts exactly!

asianbanana 5

someone needs a friend. (: