Good morning to you too

By sllaggy - 18/04/2011 09:34

Today, I woke up at my boyfriend's house. I had a shower while he went downstairs. As I went to say goodbye to him, his mother muttered, "Slut" while pouring him orange juice. FML
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sounds like you woke up at your boyfriend's MOTHER'S house. I will never understand that!!

Imagine what she muttered while making toast.


soccerchick_1994 8

well obviously she doesnt like you... fyl

iZDa 0

well nobody likes u

iZDa 0

well obviosly nobody likes u

yohooooooo 5

well obviously we have uhh mothers who hate their sons boyfriends... screw it at least I tried-_-

iZDa 0

-.- fail

scottishandrew1 0

super fail

Snodes 0

what if she has tourettes syndrome

people with tourettes don't really swear...

you should have said thank you! she gave you a compliment, you ungrateful bastard.

24, your picture is pure EPICNESS!

actually 53 people with tourettes do swear.

SaintkushMatt 0

ahaha that's great.

SaintkushMatt 0

ahaha that's great.

24's picture actually scares me a little... :/

Screw her. She's just jealous :)

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha, jealous of the fact that the op's fucking her son?

why is it when ever anyone says anything nasty these days they must be jealous? can't she just dislike her and believe she's a slut?

Then she needs to shut up and learn her place, or move out and get her own life. Either way, op should have seen it coming.

48, Boners is kidding, you know that, right?

Maybe it's not his mother but a woman he has bought to do chores. Women are pretty cheap these days, at the moment I am waiting for my order. (so excited)

muchagente 5

she didn't say they fucked. this reply was written to no 8

sounds like you woke up at your boyfriend's MOTHER'S house. I will never understand that!!

lidemocr 0

no shit!

thepersonyouknow 9

shes just mad bcuz ur dating her son

I think it was "I enjoy cheese"

sad long as you love him your all good

gotta catch em all

jcowsert2 5

nintendo store in NYC? haha I have the exact same pic wit pikachu haha

abceasyas123abc 12


Imagine what she muttered while making toast.

lidemocr 0

nice :)

glass_half_fool 0

why would us "failure to launch" guys want to leave our safe houses to go out to a world of assuming, stuck up, bitches as yourself? Miss "I'm hot shit" because I moved out like every other grown adult.. I'm 20, working, and going to school does that make me a waste? No I'm saving money so not to struggle

whoreme- oh sorry I mean WHOLEmeal bread or White?

jewknowit710 2

or you could put your big boy pants on and get an appt. struggle is what makes us strong, not stability your the same guy who hasn't been in a fight so ur afraid of confrontation. I can say it cause I was that guy till senior year of high school

lmaoatall 6

and that's when you said... yes, he sure is. he went all speedy Gonzalez on my pink taco!!!

Well you must be her favorite! Can't wait to see how well y'all "bond" together! xD

oh that's nasty...So what does she really think of you? lol

That she's a slut. Dipshit