By karmavictim - 18/03/2011 11:28

Today, I swerved out of the way to avoid hitting a squirrel, and in the process hit another squirrel. FML
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You should have turned around and hit the first one for making you hit the second one.


thats sad :( you never want an animal to be killed

so that's what happened to my pet squirrel!

brt3420 13

who cares about a squirrel? they are rats with a bushy tail. they were just going to run across a power line get zapped and die anyways so it doesn't matter. if your stupid enough to swerve to try avoid a squirrel something that will do little to ZERO damage to your car you should be smacked. it's more dangerous to try swerve away from it, you could end up hitting someone else and causing damage to a person instead you were concerned with a rat way to be dumbass

^ this. Don't swerve unless it's a person or something that can kill you if you hit it.

but have you ever ran over a squirrel or an animal? underneath the car tire you feel it crush and if the windows are down and you caught it at a bad angle it starts to squeal. its very gross

NzaHaFML 13

hmm...what a nutjob when it comes to driving. smh

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so now you left one squirrel lonely, and killed a harmless animal. WAY TO GO.

You know to lions and hippos WE are just meaningless. Go to the jungle then we'll see who's hot shit Mr. "squirrels are insignificant"

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1 I like your style. good answer. (:

I wonder if he gave the lil guy a burial and ceremony , where all of his friends of the forest could mourn him. RIP sweet squirrel, you will be forever in our hearts.

hey, fugly hippo chick, seeing as we kill them alot more than they kill us I'm pretty sure when they see us they r scared shitless

you don't ******* swerve for smallgame like that!!! you put yourself and whoever is around you in danger. god people need to learn how to drive!!!! if it was a cow or deer then swerve.

BugsBunny1 4

162- Go find a lion in the jungle. Then see who's more scared.

BugsBunny1 4

162- Go find a lion in the jungle. Then see who's more scared.

naijagirl96 1

now all the baby squirrels will starve :(

I think OP did the first squirrel a favor in that case.

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lol poor squirrel mmmm like they say hit one get another one free so sad

persianjr1 7

that's so sad. I hope that the squirrels weren't related!!!!!

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she may suck as a person but you have to admit she is a good singer

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i at first you dont sucseed try and tay again

TayonaC 10

aha you said Tay that's my nickname <3 just saying

as I person she may suck, but does she swallow ?

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You should have turned around and hit the first one for making you hit the second one.

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yea i would have tried 2 kill the second one 2 #3 lol

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My mom always says don't stop for an animal in the way. I still swerve but I usually save an animal not kill a different one in the process.

Well swerving is generally against the law... it's irresponsible to do so. You may think that it's safe to swerve but someone else may not expect your actions and walk out to where you are swerving into.

ronkster44 2

swerving is just stupid! i break slightly, but I refuse to risk a serious accident for a squirrel or bird or any other animal! despite my love for animals...

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I don't swerve going 60. I slow down, slightly turn and miss the animal.

intelligent franky save a squirrel and lose your one life. you may just well be a future Darwin awards candidate. but hey one less moron in the breeding pool. Natural Selection will catch you soon enough. don't get me wrong I love animals but I will not have an accident to avoid one. PETA- People Eating Tasty Animals

The attack of the Killer Squirrels. i swear they are getting evil by the second :o

"Today, some driver was about to run over me. He swerved and hit my fiancé. FML"

you killed a tree rat, so what's the problem here then?

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Squirrels are natures first ninjas.

Lol, nature's suicidal ninjas... By the way, nice picture, Deadmau5 FTW

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armin van burren ftw. deadmau5 is also good

I've never heard of Armen Van Burren, I'll have to check out his music. Another good artist I know of is Basshunter. He made his first songs on his home computer, including one called DotA (it's about World of Warcraft.)

Just run them over, yes I know it's a horrible thing to say, but in the end you could be in an accident because of it. Kill or be killed. Just the way the world works.

Yeah, that's the way it works in the Serengeti, not on the road when you're driving a 2000 kg car over a 1 kg squirrel. I'm not saying you should swerve into traffic or hit a tree to avoid killing Rocky J. Squirrel, but if you can avoid it without putting other drivers at risk, do it.

sourgirl101 28

I found this statement to be Bull(winkle) and a little Rocky.(:

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alvin was a chipmunk, dude.

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Thanks. I didn't know that.

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Hence Alvin and the CHIPMUNKS...

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^ retard. Why is this an FML? How did it affect you at all? Who cares? I hit a hog in the road last month, if I had swerved I'd have flipped. Run over all the animals stupid enough to be in the road.