By polish_chik - Canada
Today, I saw a poor helpless cat in the middle of the road while driving. I pulled over and scooped it in my arms to bring it to safety. Not only did I get mauled and scratched by the cat, my car also wasn't put in park and rolled away hitting a parked car. FML
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  TheMeow  |  0

Sucked in for putting hitting a parked car, dumb-arse. Thumbs up for trying to save the cat though. Go kitty! Scratch the crap out of idiots ^^

  celticwoman04  |  0

Go f*ck yourself. That is so mean to suggest running over it on purpose, not to mention illegal to follow through on. The cat most likely only needed cleaned up, patched up, and put in a good home.

  pelican2  |  0

Good people? how would you feel if you were sitting in your window and you saw someone stop in the middle of the road and start trying to grab your cat? OP fucking deserves it

  Underwhelmed  |  0

Aww, I think it's nice that she tried to rescue the cat, but yeah.....bit naive indeed for assuming that it would respond well to a stranger picking it up. Points to you OP for trying to save the kitty, but seriously, next time you bail out of your car to save a woodland creature, put your car in park, lol. How does that even happen?

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

He deserves it for not realizing that he jumped out of a moving car.
Even when he hits the brakes, as soon as he takes his foot off the brake... The car will slowly start to move again.. lol.