By vstan - 25/08/2010 00:48 - United States

Today, I swerved off the road and hit a tree in order to avoid hitting a dog that came out of nowhere. Don't worry, I didn't hit him. The person behind me did, though. FML
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damn dude. just feel happy he got to live a second more.

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aww poor least you tried your best to save him


your life sucks harder than a hooker on welfare

you're ******* legendary op. i shed a tear.. dogs are beautiful creatures..

usually I love irony but this is just too ****** up..

that extra second mention the world to that poor dog. and besides he is roaming around in doggy heven (hopefully). did the tree get hurt? and that suck about what happened to your car

see that sucks I LOVE dongs! he is in a better place now.. u did ur best. I love how you Reyes and didn't hit him but hate that the other car did.. was it in a naghbor hood.. or.. what?

#19 loves dongs =O I would have to say you deserve it. you should never ever swerve out for objects on the road. you are putting your own life at risk. unless of coarse you are going slow enough to not end up in danger.

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YDI you should never swerve, you could've killed yourself.

#30 here is a definition for you. object: a tangible and visible entity; an entity that can cast a shadow.

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poor doggy! well I hope he was ok or died and didn't feel it. but did the person mean to hit the dog. I would have done the same thing cuz I would feel horrible if I hit an animal.

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28 that was a win of coarse! Op, was it bark outside?

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Still shouldn't be driving off-coarse

I won't swerve unless I know I could get hurt. ie, moose or something in the road. but if you lost control and hit another car, and killed someone..think how you'd feel. damn I'd be pissed if someone swerved for a dog and hit me. unnecessary risk.

Stop blaming the other car! Its not like he/she may have deliberatly done it. If OP turned just in time and hit the tree, there is no way the car behind her would have seen the dog. It caught OP by surprise aswell...

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ah, texas. rednecks. well, at least a few.

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Looks like the person behind you just found their dinner.

I hope your implying the car behind them was on their way to the grocery store. if not, douchebag.

Did you hurt the tree? Those things absorb almost 15 pounds of carbon annually! Greenies will be marching down your street with recycled plywood pitchforks :[]

lol stupid dog, how did the first car not make it run away? stupid creatures

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u look like justin beiber. this is a terrible thing. a terrible, terrible thing. do the world a favor and go shave ur head, get facial recunstruction, and stop posing for cameras in a way assholes like u think r cool. we dont need any more faggots in this world.

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haha u love dongs XD anyway poor dog :(

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it's a dog #1. I think a car is more important than a dog. there are already too many of them anyway

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dude that was stupid. I'll tell you the truth, i hate dogs, they seem to bark at me whenever i ride my bike. YDI, when a dog appears out of nowhere into a street, somebody will end up hitting it. don't risk your life over an animal. you swerved and hit a tree, hell, you could have hit something worse than a tree. Gee, i don't know, maybe a oncoming car? how about a ditch? those car repair bills must be piling up from you saving the lives of dogs that are ended by a different driver. let's see here, you SAVED a life and now you got the pay the price, the person behind you TOOK a life and what does he get? blood on the grill, and that costs jack. I may be getting a negative reaction and thumbs down, but doesn't this make sense to people who hate dogs?

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I'm very glad u told me because I was. very. worried about the dog

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epic failure!!! :o poor pup):

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LOL the dog still died. Too bad it wasnt a small child. Just kidding people... or am i?

haha I was with my cousin in Israel and there was a dog chasing a cat the left front wheel hit the cat right front wheel hut the dog both roadkill = and = hehe

is it bad that I laughed my ass off at this fml?

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haha yeah despite the fact that you hate dogs I think there's something mentally wrong with you for wanting them to die. future serial killer maybe?

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omg i wouldve prolly cried lol

a dogs life is still a life. how could you say such a thing? 'a dog is just an animal'? well, human beings are also animals. the only difference is that we can talk and do more things than them.

damn dude. just feel happy he got to live a second more.

that's sooo sad. I would've done the same OP.

You would have run over the dog after someone tried to save it by swerving?

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Im glad you put a mutts life over your own ydi.

dogs are living beings so stfu. between a human and a dog, the values of thier lives are the same. or the dogs is more. all humans do is kill each other and destroy what we can destroy.

dogs are living beings so stfu. between a human and a dog, the values of thier lives are the same. or the dogs is more. all humans do is kill each other and destroy what we can destroy.

we kill cows, pigs, etc by thousands every day, why the guck would you care about killing a dog? animals are animals....

lmao 103 I agree with you but it's ironic that your display pic is a dog haha

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103 makes a good point, but the thing for me would be that I couldn't live with knowing I killed another living being.. It would make me sick, especially since I love dogs :/

107 is obviously an ignorant liberal who thinks that dogs can make the contributions to the world as people can, for instance what dog has ever invented a life saving medicine or medical technique?

154, dogs have been subjected to animal testing, so they are very much like humans in that they help create these new medicines and techniques.

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aww poor least you tried your best to save him

aww that's sad!! well at least you don't have to live with the f the other guys life....ohh and the dogs...RIP

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It's a good thing you're OK. You have to put your own safety first.

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I wish PETA would hit a tree for every animal they try to save.