By anugla - United States
Today, I ran over a cat while driving home. I tried to keep myself together but couldn't help but cry because of how bad I felt. Through my tears I failed to notice a porcupine in the middle of the road. Yep, I hit him too. FML
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  farmgirl  |  3

I agree with #1, if you were crying while behind the wheel, you need to pull over! You are obviously in no condition to drive a vehicle. What if that had been a kid in the road instead of a porcupine?

  tyhillman  |  0

No, you shouldn't have to pull over unless you just can't drive. I don't think the fact that the OP ran over a porcupine is reason enough to say they should have pulled over.

As for the OP, it's more like F the life of your tires. Ha I don't think Goodyear protects against porcupines.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

@61: Depending on how badly she was crying, her vision could be blurred, destorted, or otherwise interferred with.

Also, I hit my first animal not too long ago. Yeah, it sucks, but oh well...
Though it was a raccoon, not someone's possible pet.


Whats up with everyone saying if it was a child? It WASNT a child, but it was two innocent animals..its still sad. Does it have to be a child for you to feel bad? If you say yes, then im just sad for you. Sad that you think that's the right answer to that question. And to those people saying "but there are so much stray cats, why would she have to stop to see if it was a stray cause you know there are so much strays" What makes you so sure that it wasn't someones wouldn't know. She still has to stop to check if it was alive and if it has a collar. If someone ran over my cat, i would be so mad. I wouldnt care if they cried or did whatever, they killed my cat and they will have to pay ( but i dont actually let my cat outside cause i know there are bitches out there who would run it over and then not even stop to see if it had a collar). Now everyone is gonna attack me for saying this but some people have a point, a humans life is not much more valuable than an animals. Its pretty simple. We are SMARTER,BIGGER, we have more resources, we have weapons, but that does not make is BETTER Its sad to see people who think they are better than everything..

  englishmuffin  |  0

Well I agree with 129 to some extent. It's sad to read some people running over animals and seeming like they don't give a fuck.

OP, you should have pulled over if your crying was blurring your vision, or causing you to become distracted. All you can do is try not to make the same mistake again.

P.S. I wish you weren't a woman because this further adds to the stereotype that women are over-emotional crappy drivers. Ugh.

  Notemostik  |  0

I agree with soherewegoagain- animals are equally, if not more "important" than humans. But of course, being as self absorbed, bitter, and rapacious as we are, there are always going to be those that say humans are the epitome of "intelligence", though we are the ones who are shortening our own species' survival in the long-run.

Maybe "intelligence" isn't what we think it is- animals sure as hell aren't destroying the earth through their greed.

  cosmolilly  |  0

you're an amazing person #166 :) your comment made me happy......I'm not going to get into it but for the people who are saying humans are more important
We are only more important to other humans
we contribute nothing to the planet
ll other species live in harmony and balance each other except us
we just prance around on top of it all destroying everything
a human is more valuable to another human
and a cat is more valuable to another cat
of course you care about your own species/family more
Just like if I had to choose my own mother over a stranger Id pick my mother
but that doesn't mean Im better than anyone else
its just your own personal feelings and survival techniques
and for the sake of argument if we are better than animals
being more important than someone else doesn't give you the right or the need to take their lives away

by that token you could say that children, deaf or blind people r handicapped people are less deserving of life because they aren't as intelligent as us and cant do the same things
thats foolish and cruel

and about humans being better because we invent things and can think etc
So what we invent television, and fancy shoes, ipods and computers and that makes us better and more deserving of life?
Every animal develops the skills that it needs and uses
Cats don't need to use computers or watch TV, neither do monkeys or elephants or spiders
and whoever said animals besides humans don't feel love
is extremely uneducated and honestly I feels sorry for you
you obviously have never had a loving bond with a pet or other companion animal

humans beings disgust me, I'm embarrassed to be one 99% of the time

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

You know why we are the epitome of intelligence? We figured out a way to overcome our physical inability (in case you didn't notice, we are naked, clawless, and just plain aren't powerful) and conquered other species. How overboard we get is just an unfortunate result.
You can self-righteous bitch and whine all you want, but what are you doing? Just bitching and whining. I doubt seriously you're actually "making a difference" in the world or some such shit.

I love animals myself, but PETArds like you really piss me off.

  z712  |  0

If you're so disgusted and embarrassed about the fact that you're human then please kill yourself and stop wasting our resources. Get off your fucking moral high horse.

  rsjones  |  0

Other animals live in harmony and balance with others? Have you ever heard of the food chain? Tell that to that deer who wont get to see his young ones grow up because he's going to be a part of that lions 4:00pm snack. That lion could have atleast made it part of its dinner, but nooo it was just a little snack. And humans do contribute to this world. Besides the fact that it took human to think of a website like fml, but you do know that plenty of species would have been extinct without human help? Humans are just as valuable to this planet as animals species, no more no less.

  cosmolilly  |  0

actually Im not a Peta supporter at all, but I am an animal rights supporter (FYI the 2 aren't synonymous with each other)
and in case you didn't read my post completely I agreed that we were more intelligent but I don't think being more intelligent makes you more deserving of life
and conquering other species doesn't make us intelligent
it makes us greedy
caring about living things and wanting equal rights doesn't make me selfish if makes me selfLESS

Why assume that that I'm just whining and not doing anything to help the planet
It takes 30 seconds to comment on here
and I do plenty in my daily life and job

  cosmolilly  |  0

I have heard of the food chain
and I realize that animals kill each other
but they do so out of need and they do so with their paws/claws and take only what they need
they don't make animals into jackets and furniture and hang pieces of them on their walls right?
we don't kill out of need
we do so out of greed

Plus if you want to really be better than the rest of the animals
don't be like them and kill things you don't need to kill
if were more intelligent and more capable of love
we should stop behaving like "animals"

We only contribute to the world by cleaning up our messes by saving them after destroying their habitats etc.
there are no animals out there that need humans to survive

I do agree with your last sentence though
"Humans are just as valuable to this planet as animals species, no more no less."

Obviously I don't think humans are useless and less than animals
I was very angry at some of the people on here

  cosmolilly  |  0

actually by having the views that I do
and living the way I do
I'm LESS of a drain on the planets resources

I'm not trying to be elitist but there are some pretty shitty people in this world.....

  z712  |  0

"Im not trying to be x but x."

"we don't kill out of need
we do so out of greed"

Plus if you want to really be better than the rest of the animals
don't be like them and kill things you don't need to kill
if were more intelligent and more capable of love
we should stop behaving like "animals"

Way to be contradictory, retard. Make up your mind.

  boots9491  |  0

cosmolilly. first of all what you are saying is wrong. It is proven fact that animals don't stick around us because they love us, they stick around because we feed them and give them shelter and show them authority. so sorry to burst your bubble but that bond you have with your dog doesn't really exist. And the fact that you say we don't NEED to kill them is stupid. We need to eat too just like lions need to eat antelop. We need to use their fur to keep warm cuz we weren't born with fur ourselves.

  sulitak  |  27

I agree... if you can't see things in the road... you need to pull the fuck over. that's dangerous and I do not feel in any way bad for you OP...

  Assassin4than  |  0

you should go to hell because you have no care for any other animal than the human species. humans are the ones that made the world the craphole it is now so cats should be running us over. and you shouldnt say FML you killed 2 poor animals that didnt expect an idiot that cant drive to crush them with a car

  ElMundio87  |  0

If a cat jumps out in front of you, if your momentum is too high for the brakes to stop you in time, even having an IQ of 200 won't stop you from running it over.

The world is a "craphole", yet you type your comment using an expensive computer, sitting in a warm house, and you know where your next meal is coming from. I think you should shut up and appreciate what you have TBH.

  stormlv  |  0

"humans are the ones that made the world the craphole it is now so cats should be running us over"...
wow how idiotic can you be to make a statement like this? I like animals just as much as the average person but you can't tell me that you'd even think that one life of an animal equals one life of a man/woman. Jeez... somebody has his/her priorities WAY f. up!
1) accidents happen...the animal was idiotic for trying to cross the street while a car was passing by...
2) If you really care for the state of our planet #16...tell me what the hell is it that YOU PERSONALLY are doing to save it! Stop whining and do something about it for yourself

  kevind23  |  0

89: Why not? Humans are animals too. Disgusting animals that have done nothing but pollute and waste resources. I see no reason why human life should be valued more than animal life.

The cat wasn't "idiotic". If the OP couldn't stop in time, then she must've been driving rather fast. And I doubt cats expect giant, fast-moving hunks of metal to come flying up their territory and crush them.

  timtam24  |  0

excuse me #8 but would prefer to run over and kill a cat or a child. I'm sorry but if a ran over a child i wouldn't be able to live with myself.
btw you can't eat people so....


I vaguely support animal rights and everything, but the life of an animal is certainly not as valuable as the life of a human's. You cannot say that people would be in more grief over an animal dying than a human. I'm sure they'd rather their pet cat got ran over than their brother.


That is dumb, the question would be better worded: " Would you rather kill Jaws or Hitler?" you have to compare things of equal hostility. In that case I believe we would rather kill the one who has inflicted the most pain and is dangerous to others.

  Holybatman  |  16

#152, I couldn't have said it better myself. The lives of animals are not insignificant, and accidentally killing an animal is sad, but in the big picture, human lives are more important, and neither group deserves to live any more than the other.

  Nak14  |  0

Is it the animals who make this world so vile? Is it the animals you can't trust in life? Do they backstab you like most humans? Live as much as you want. And I'm quite content with my life, so thank you. However, humans committ terrible deeds, some that cost lives, even their own. Do they really deserve to live more than innocent animals?

  majorbob10  |  0

Hey you! Yeah, you, human, a primate, a type of ANIMAL. Humans are also animals, and the only reason everyone's saying "Oh, it wasn't a person, so it's okay!" is because while the life of EVERY SINGLE living thing is equal to any other, is that we (referring to humans as a whole) care more about our species in particular than other animals.