By anonymous - 21/05/2010 17:26 - United States

Today, I swerved to avoid running over a dead cat in the road. Instead, I ran over its head. The crack of its skull was loud enough for me to hear it. FML
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I accidentally ran over a cat once. It was a snow white cat. I heard it's bones crunch, and when I looked back to assess the damage, the snow white cat walked away. Still snow white. No blood, no limp. Like I never ran it over. I like to call it "The Ghost Cat".

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omg!! thats the worst thing i've ever heard! :'(


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awwwwwwww you poor thing!

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it was already dead who cares

it was dead you pussy.

I cringed while reading this!

Auditory imagery :/

so did i......... fuck

that's unpleasant!!!!!

the images I'm having right now are horrible. I couldn't ever imagine that. ::

turtles crack pretty loud too...

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Fuck yuh.!

I swerved to miss a car and landed up in a ditch... at least you didn't have to pay for a tow truck, you're just left with a memory that's going to haunt you for the rest of your life lol


lol at 27. and op whatever it was already dead

LMAO atleast you had good intentions :)

like when I ran over a frog, that was already dead, with my bike. it makes me feel said a life can be takin away so easy.

then u got racial profiled?

MizzCaramelle 1

yehh.. but it's still traumatizing to have cracked his skull open

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omg. that sucks (and it's gross)...!!! :( speaking of cats, I jus gt home to see my neighbors cat with his tail cut off... and it was still bleeding :/

fuck you I hope you burn in hell.

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haha I swerve so I DO hit the cat(:

Haha cool Kitten Crunch! sounds like a yummy cereal!

<- hit a cat with a riding lawnmower once, it was some crazy shit man.

I like how the guy naming a cereal kitten crunch has 3 pics off cats in his picture...

Hey i'm on such good terms with their species I can talk about them however I want and they won't get mad. if we ever go to war with the dogs I have to defend them.

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KiddNYC1O 20

no freaking way, I saw cat roadkill around my way today while driving and his skull was cracked

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tru dat :)

YDI 4 being a "pussy." lolol

This is, without equal, the first entry that truly and completely embodies the expression FML. I have total empathy for you and the only consolation is that the cat had already met its end.

zerobahamut03 2

more like f*ck my own life for having to read this post!!! thats terrible!

xxxbooxxx 16

I've done that. it was quite disturbing

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oh my gosh. :( I cringed. that sounds horrible!

who effin cares

today, I was minding my own business in the middle of the road, when suddenly a crazy lady went out of her way to crush my head. fm9l

Instead? Like the cat's head and the rest of the cat are seperate entities? Would explain how you swerved and still managed to hit it somehow...

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get over it. the only cats that don't suck are big cats, like cheetahs, lions, and tigers. you should be mad you weren't the one who ran it over in the first place... you missed out on 1000 points.

PatRme 9

who cares it was dead

129 I'm pretty sure that you'd care too if you had been the one to crack the cat's skull open!

zakkyzebra 11

#133 I wouldn't care. i'd laugh probably. easier disection for AP biology students. haha good times

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haha! 7 made me LOL DAFP

lol I once did this to a squierl but it was still alive FML oh and OP 1500 points for geting the head

_Legion 0

Even if it was dead I'd have swerved too. Having road kill gore stuck to your tires is no fun.

dumb ass cat in your way. ! stupid cats, they ruin everything! (:

deathcab7 your hella hot. you should do me:)

161- Your username fits perfectly. Wtf pervert!

this post makes mefeel better. i squished an uber squishy bug today. gross shit. I have a phobia

i would tell myself someone lost a blanket on the road and/or i ran over a bag of CHIPS. also i tell myself that animals are always taking naps on the road too. SPLAT HAPPENS. sorry.

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what the fuck you complaining about?! that was a friggin headshot!! that's hardcore shit you pulled off there buddy!

HA 170 you're no better with your shirt hanging off. desperate move there...

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67's pic looks like Justin bieber throwing up and his comment is disturbing

aww, you poor things! (OP & the cat)

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#7 go fuck you fucked up self dumb ass cats are things to so go fuck yourself

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82- Have you seen the kids movie, Cats and Dogs? It is about cats and dogs going to war with eachother. I watch it with my kids. It's actually a good and funny movie. :)

25- u look lik Nicholas cage

drewfus2 6

I smiled when I saw this.

drewfus2 6


I always do that to it makes me sad if ivrunover tho

I always do that to it makes me sad if ivrunover tho

7 - I hope you're eaten by a tiger.

WingsFan80 4

mmmm roadkill lol

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F U!!!

WingsFan80 4

little sensitive are we?

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yeah cow, shut the duck up its an awesome kill

mama2b3 20

omg!! thats the worst thing i've ever heard! :'(

Seriously? You have been blessed. OP, that's horrible and all but it was DEAD! If you cracked open the skull of a live cat, I'd understand being haunted. F the L of the cat owner who found the mangled corpse of his/her cat in the street.

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So I was hearing words online the other day, crazy stuff man

You should hear me sing

So you're imagining it, but you say you could never imagine it? Way to be a fucking downer.

same thing happened to me with a squirrel :[

Sun_Kissed18 25

That's terrible :( whether its dead or not, its still a horrible noise and I wouldn't be able to get over it so quickly either

superman21_fml 19

sun kissed ur smokin!

That's fine cuz squirrels are demon spawn

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Oh great, now it's in my head. Thanks. Die anti flood!!!!!! Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrr

I accidentally ran over a cat once. It was a snow white cat. I heard it's bones crunch, and when I looked back to assess the damage, the snow white cat walked away. Still snow white. No blood, no limp. Like I never ran it over. I like to call it "The Ghost Cat".

Little did you know that the cats bones were already broken and you fixed them!

LOL @ PsychoShark

Maybe you ran over a stick n just happen to c the cat when you looked back

kittykat1501 31

This is why they say cats have nine lives

at least u didn't hit it first...

dude I wished I was there it would of sounded cool

soleilkitty 0

Ew you're disgusting. A dying creature would not sound "cool." I hope somebody runs over your skull with a grin on their face.

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yea go soleilkitty!! I'm with her

It was dying, it was already dead!! It wouldn't have gone through any more torture in the first place!! Just more of a mess for the garbage man to clean up!

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60: Thank you :) 92: That's not the point. It's called respect for the dead. That cat was someone's best friend. How would you feel if someone hit your best friend with a car and ran over their skull without a care? Just because they don't speak English doesn't mean they don't deserve the same decency.

I had a similar experience.... yeah tht sux

stevenJB 25

What Is your profile pic?!? I know it looks like a mouth... *head explodes*