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Today, I was backing out of my snowy drive way on my way to work. I thought I hit a lump of snow. I'd run over my white cat. FML
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YDI for having a cat, ew. If you're going to run over something at least get something worth running over.

Dont worry! Your cat got 8 lives left...unless of course he's actually a spy called Agent C and goes on secret missions to stop the evil dr. doofensmurf from taking over the world. If that was the case Agent C probably only has 1 life left so yeah try not to run him over again cause then all of our lives would be in danger from doofensmurf!

I know thats super sad. I would cry so hard if my cat died.

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terribly sorry bout your cat, but that's why you always shovel the driveway

Why was your cat out at such a cold time of the year, with so much snow?

No one has a sense of humor if the downvote this! You are awesome #75

Its ok. Its in kitteh heaven now.....or hell. But either way its all good!

Oh no, not the kitty! Anything but the kitty!

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Thank goodness! One less cat on this planet.

what is that suppose to mean how would you like it if you or one of your friends/family died and some jerk face said oh that goodness one less human on this planet!! yeah I bet you wouldn't like that!

Uhu. And if we're lucky and you go kill yourself, we'd have one less tool on this planet.

ya you guys need to not take things so seriously haha

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It's ok. Cats have no soul anyways.

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i hope the cat comes back to haunt all you cat haters!!!!!

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Funny that you're comment #9. OP, I suggest getting a ginger cat next, particularly if you have a daughter, she should recieve it as a gift.

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fine mr comment moderators is it alright if I say ninja is pretty ( really pretty ) it's just a complement, no need to moderate my comment.

You know, this is what private messaging is for. Down boy.

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sorry, but I have no idea how to send a private message : /

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can you tell me how please Sirin

Sure, it's simple, but you have to use the website version. From there, just log in and click on "My messages". There isn't any private messaging on the apps, unfortunately.

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I would like to know this too. I think it might be the "Send a private message" button that's right there in blue, not far from the reply button we just used, but I'm not sure. I dunno what to make of the fact that Ninja looks like Justin Bieber and that you called him "pretty".

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well there's a reason why ... I'm using my iPod but I'll get on my computer, but how?

creepy... but I agree there should be a button for that on the app.

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What if this was his 9th life? :(

Stfu you sound so ignorant for that comment go jump off a bridge ppl would b sadder a cat died than you

Debuty G, go **** your self you worthless ****. A: have you not learned to not say "jump off a bridge"? B: **** you

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I'm with 15. People like 11 are nothing but handicaps to society. He/She, or rather, IT, needs to either shape up and grow a heart (and a brain) or follow 15's advice.

You all need to hug it out, sing Kumbaya, and shut the **** up.

1st of all #11 go **** yourself you heartless piece of shit and 2nd of all DocBastard lmfao!

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stfu dude just because people don't like you abd animals hate you don't mean you go around killing them especially a small innocent cat bitch **** with a tiger same size go on

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Great... now basement cat will reign supreme! jk. that sucks though.