By newly passed, newly grassed - 06/12/2014 17:04 - United Kingdom - Birmingham

Today, while driving home, I swerved to avoid turning a duck and her babies into roadkill. Another car was coming around a sharp bend at the time and swerved to avoid hitting me. In the end, we both ran our cars off the road, and he took out several ducks in the process. FML
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It may sound irrational but you are actually spose to just hit the ducks and not swerve so you don't end up hurting someone else. Your efforts were valiant though.


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I'm sorry OP, were you and the other driver alright?

It may sound irrational but you are actually spose to just hit the ducks and not swerve so you don't end up hurting someone else. Your efforts were valiant though.

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Actually, if you swerve, you have a higher risk of flipping the vehicle you're driving.

Actually no your not supposed to swerve for small game.

Nope, they say the best thing to do is just slowly put pressure on the breaks and hit it if you're to close to not be able to stop, or not far enough way to safely go around it.

There's no actual law but most of the time it's better to just run them over sad as it is. My aunt tried to swerve and avoid a cat one time but she tipped her car over and was sent to the hospital. So as sad as it is it's usually just better to go straight and hope the animal(s) get out of the way.

We've trained animals to walk right in front of a car's path and expect us to swerve. I think it's time we stop swerving and regain our right of passage.

Well your car must be shit if you rolled it

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Definitely better to just keep driving or at most very slowly come to a stop. Here there was a girl who suddenly stopped her car for ducks and she ended up killing a man and his daughter (they were close behind and ended up hitting her). It was an accident, but she did get charged with criminal negligence (amoung other consequences). So yeah, better safe than sorry :/

In Canada theirs an actual law. You can't swerve and put humans in danger for any animal under 10Kg.

In the U.S (driver's Ed), I learned that if if it over half the size of your tire, you should try to avoid it. If not, you're supposed to hit it WITH the exception of domesticated animals such as dogs and cats. If you hit a dog or cat you're supposed to find the owner.

#61, I know this sounds harsh but it was probably the man's fault. Where I live, if someone hits you from behind, it's their fault, no questions asked. you should be prepared for someone in front of you to make a sudden stop in case of children, animals, etc. running in front of the vehicle. If you hit someone from behind, you were either driving too fast or too close. If you're driving at moderate-high speeds, there should be a 3 sec distance between each car I believe.

#69 yeah, it's a pretty sad case all around. The woman stopped her car in the highway's fast lane and didn't put hazard lights on, at a time when visibility was low. Plus there was a car between the two which swerved around her car at the last minute (thus blocking the victim's view of the car till then). On the other hand, as you said the victim should have been driving slower and further back (especially since he was on a motorcycle with his daughter), not to mention he let himself get distracted (he got distracted by the sight of the girl moving the ducks and signaled to his wife behind him to be careful). The wife/mother of the victims doesn't want the woman to suffer, she understands everyone should have been more careful and just wants it all to be over :/

You are absolutely not supposed to swerve. That lesson is prolly one of the ones I remember most from drivers Ed. You run over the animal, for exactly the reasons listed above.

Technically you're not supposed to swerve

Yea. I think you're supposed to brake?? if anything??

At least you tried to do the right thing. Poor ducks though

Good on you for not trying to hit the ducks. Those poor ducks

sorry to be the one to say this but better the ducks than another person. shouldve just hit them