By Anonyme - 09/07/2011 00:11 - France

Today, I peeked through my window and trained a pair of binoculars on my neighbour's house. Every night without fail, he ends up standing in front of his window topless to flex his muscles. This time, I was surprised to instead find a note taped to the window saying, "Sorry, I'm out tonight." FML
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idk if he was really hot then i think it is justified ;)

So get ya knees flexin And ya arms T-rexin' And Creep. Do the creep!


2 it's not sad because if the guy is sorry that means OP might have a chance. 8)

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134 it's sad cuz theres no show tonight!!:D

sad that op is a stalker, or sad that he was out?

Geez, I was just trying to be optimistic. You guys are just downers. "Y U NO POSITIVE??

It's sad cause if it was a guy watching a girl, everybody would be up in arms about it. Good old double standards.

#265 is right =/ also the word everyone is yelling would be 'pervert' instead of 'creep' which is tamer.

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haha looks like he was on to you!! at least he was nice about it and gave you a show ;) to watch every night

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Why is this an FML? He must be into you if he knows you're watching and keeps doing it.

Yea instead of calling the cops. Thats creepy as hell

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Hey, he must be into you if he kept doing it when aware that you were watching.

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haha i like how op "peeked" through the window. twenty bucks she has like a high powered telescope watching her neighbor's ass. idk this fml seems to be worded too innocently for what she is actually doing.

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LOL! #1, I took a pic of that FML too, the one in your profile picture

Wow OP really needs to get a boyfriend instead of spying on other ppl with binoculars. I would have just called the cops.

No, no, you guys have got it all wrong. It might be being stalkerish, but he's obviously into her. He's completely DTF, why not just hook up? ;)

lol, 34... I'm pretty sure he tool a pic cuz it was the first time that he was first to comment lolololol

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at least you didn't waist your money on popcorn tonight like yesterday.

This reminds me of "The Creep" by Lonely Island.

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OP deserves it for being a creep.

Why do the people who clearly deserve it still post for sympathy?

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OP could be a dude. Just throwing that out there. Hell, I walk around my apartment naked sometimes. If anyone is watching I say it's a free show and take it as a compliment.

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hahahaha I love this. chip n dales? :)

34 I think he took a picture of that one because he got first. He should take a picture of this one too, so everytime he gets first it would also show his previous pic. Shit, is, going, down.

Dam 91 already pointed it out but didn't say anything about my idea. Do it 1, Do it!!

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well he is there EVERY night give him a break op don't be greedy

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Maybe because they realize that it's hilarious as well? I believe these are meant to be posted in good humor, not in unbearable agony. Give people a break.

I really wonder if op is a guy or a girl.

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thank god he's from france... if he was from the us you would have been at the court now trying to find the best lawyer...

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and u know this because u where with her? FREAK ALERT!

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speaking of stalkers,197- I Love ur profile pic, it brings bace so many good memories. what was his name? It was something like Kappo? please tell me.

wow. I think anyone else would have called the cops, lol.

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I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing once in a while if given the opportunity. Just be a bit stealthier about it, perhaps. Everyday though... that's a big commitment. He must be REALLY hot!

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#84 you catch on fast don't you. lmao.

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did she ever say she wanted to get to know you?

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173- Also this FML and his comment are both funnier than the ones in his profile pic, so he should definitely change it to this one.

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I took it because of the fail 'second' comment...didnt notice 1's name in the pic :

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I'm sure some guy would be lucky to see that ;) *for number 285*

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There is also another song called Creep by TLC

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yep this isnt even an fml she deserves it for being a creepy stalker


You know your a major creeper when you feel the need to use binoculars to stare into the house that is right next to yours...

this sounds a lot like another fml...

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that's what I was thinking!

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sounds like its not creeping he must enjoy the company if he lbothered himself to leave a note

If a fine PYT walks in front of your tree, do the creep HUUUUHHH do the creep HUUUUUUH

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is it wrong I'd do the same thing as OP XD

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Yes it is and it's also wrong to have an itchy arse. You might want to get that checked out....

keep your knees flexin and your arms t-rexin do the creep ahhhh

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But GOD watches you and that's ok, right?

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be lucky he didn't call the cops. YDI

ur profile pic is sooo friggin' hilarious!

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Who is tjat delightful little girl in your picture? I must know... I *might* ahow her to her "mommy"...

Your picture makes that comment so much funnier. lmao

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like everyone else said LMAO ur pic I love it :P

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Find a new hobby, OP. That is quite pathetic, man.

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you know, I hope OP is a woman because a he or she mentioned the neighbor is a guy:)

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#250, if you're attempting to come back with a witty comment, the least you can do is spell correctly so viewers can appreciate it. Orangutan* And OP stands for orange peel.

if I knew I would answer you, unlike these children who think writing about penis' makes them look mature. I hope you find out soon. :)

OP is original poster. the person who wrote the FML :P

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286, telling people the wrong answer isn't supposed to make anyone seem mature it's supposed to be a "haha figure it out yourself" thing...