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Today, I spent three hours getting ready to go out to lunch with my boyfriend, only to find out he meant we're going to the McDonald's inside Wal-Mart so he can also pick up condoms. FML
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Three hours, were you sewing clothes?

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I think she was literally putting on her face. I can understand if it was a first date, but not in a relationship. She just screams high maintenance.


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this is bad how? unless they are not for you...

uhm your fault for over thinking it? he didn't say out on a date, you were picking up lunch.

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i kinda have to agree with 14.. is that bad?

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um.... and? you get to go home tonight and have sex... fml?

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So did you have the sexy time? Does he have a pussy manet, I can have pussy magnet free?

lucky I never seen a Mcky Ds in walmart

mcdonalds in a wal mart. you can't really get more white trash than that

3 hours? How broke ass do you look that it took 3 freakin' hours!

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at least after lunch was fun ;o)

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umm 88it takes all girls 3hours plus they like goin slow to make the guys want it more(im a works)

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Your boyfriend is a genius OP. 2 birds with one stone, eat lunch, buy condoms, sexy time TONIGHT!

Who the hell takes 3 hours to get ready? I take an hour IF I am taking a shower, blowdrying and straightening my hair, and doing my makeup. Usually, even that is far too much time.

Yeah I'm replying to you so this comment can be up there. While at it I will state that the OP's boyfriend stated lunch not some fancy dinner.

say what? you have a mcdonalds in a supermarket? oh man... thats ******. and stop bitching... why on earth would you take 3 hours to get ready in the first place? where did you expect to go?

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ydi for not lookin foward to a night of pleasure

Today, I got to go to McDonald's with my boyfriend, and I later, I get to have sex with him. FML

I know. Sex with a condom is FML worthy. At least you got to go to McDs.

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sex AND mikki d's...that's 2 wins :P

damn shouldv asked where you guys were going

Hey hey hey! In Texas we have mcdonalds in walmart *_*

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I love those mcdonalds in walmarts. I get to use their bathroom and I get a big mac.

Damn, 3 hours? You simply misinvested your own time, and are now complaining about it. YDI.

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at least he bothered getting condoms! :)

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Don't complain, you should be lovein' it.

Moral- don't spend thet much time getting dressed!!

@88 LOL!!!! I was thinking the same thing.

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how is this even remotley bad? I mean other than eating lunch at McDonalds and you thought it was going to be somewhere nicer.....

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where I live there's a mcdonalds in walmart, or there was... I have been there in years!

in Soviet Russia we have Wal-Marts inside McDonalds

at least he was planning on being safe!

Bahahahahaha NOOOO not all girls spend 3 hours getting ready, not even close! I don't think I could spend 3 hrs getting ready if I tried. And I love "they go slow so guys want them more" on earth would that work?!?! Ridiculous!!

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ikr? it's the thought that counts.

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Paige you have amazing eyes lol :), and OP you fail for having a bf that takes you to Mickey D's haha. atleast he practices safe sex right!? so ur life isn't a complete fail.

93 when's the last time you turned down a girl because her shoes didn't match her earings?

#75 they are in wal-marts all over Canada.

172 sums up the whole solution to this fml

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Who the hell spends that long getting ready? Even at my worst I'm ready in an hour or so... :/

I <3 you veunz... wish you were single!

93 either your pussy whooped or something is wrong with you because if my girlfriend takes 3 hours to get ready to go to a ******* dinner she better have the number to takeout because I sure as hell will not wait 3 hours.

My bad lunch...still applies to any time of day anyways

That's the worst part! 3 hours to get ready for lunch! I bet if he was meeting her for dinner shed need at least a day.

it DOES NOT take all girls 3 hours to get ready, that is ridiculous, especially for lunch, maybe the oscars...

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#147 it makes me want them more and yes it does if u have to sit outside a resterant for 3 hours wen ur hungry rnt u gunna want it more as time passes

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who spend 3 hours getting ready?!!!!!

it should never take three hours that's ridiculous

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mmm so he's thrifty and practical. score!

He wasted his money on them condoms cause I don't think he's gonna use em tonight. I'm perfectly fine with going out to dinner at fast food, especially in this economy where a steakhouse dinner will set you back over a week, but it sounds like boyfriend made the OP think they were going somewhere really nice, only for that to happen.

it can't be that bad, so you went to maccy d's at least you have a boyfriend that cares about you enough not to get you pregnant or give you STDs

Normally if I'm going to a McD's, I know I am, rather than being lead to believe I'm going somewhere nice. Then again, my boyfriend and I have good communication.

This was a lunch date and I think if OP's bf had led her to believe they were going somewhere fancy, she would've mentioned it to make the FML more interesting. I think this is more like, "Hey, sugar lumps, you wanna get lunch today?" "Sure. See you at 1."

Three hours, were you sewing clothes?

I agree, I mean were you mixing your own makeup?

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I think she was literally putting on her face. I can understand if it was a first date, but not in a relationship. She just screams high maintenance.

That would be cool if FML had some sort of button you could use to express that.

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Depends all on what happens after dinner that involves those condoms seems to be the determining factor in the FML-ness of this FML.

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At least he won't be unprotected and have an empty stomach!

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hey better safe then sorry lol

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He should have proposed, since you were all gussied up. Could have bought you the ring too.