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Today, I sent my boyfriend to the store to get groceries while I was at work. Instead of what I listed, he came back with hot pockets, ice cream and beer. I'm lactose intolerant and pregnant. FML
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Ice cream is awesome! I'm lactose intolerant too, but I don't care when it comes to that!


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... First. You should smack the piss out of your boyfriend for being a selfish douchebag.

Because obviously smacking someone around, solves everything.

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Ice cream is awesome! I'm lactose intolerant too, but I don't care when it comes to that!

it can give you insane gas, or vomiting. I wouldn't eat dairy if I were you.

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then eat hot pockets... but still FYL and tell him to get more food without lactose or beer.

Oh I get the whole, "dairy air" thing now.

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27- the cheese in hot pockets is dairy

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41-Either that's a joke or you're an idiot.

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I don't see why OP doesn't take lactose pills

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She's pregnant! It wouldn't be a smart idea to eat something you can't while you're prego. THINK ABOUT THE CHIDREN!

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quit complaining and send those things over to my house where they are welcomed and accepted! :)

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oh. i feel stupid. well still FYL OP.

Lactaid doesn't really work that well. It sucks being lactose intolerant.

she's robbing that poor, unborn child of ice cream deliciousness...

Maybe you shoulda thought of the consequences, such as living with this dumbass, when he cummed inside you. FYL for being in this situation, but at the same time YDI for making idiot preferences.

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91 you remind me of the prostitute they hire Andy in the 40 Year Old Virgin. YOUR HANDS ARE BIGGER THAN ANDRE THE GIANTS!

the pills don't always me.

one can NEVER trust a guy to go to the grocery store alone. Especially when you've got someone else inside you have to feed. He goes but you go WITH him.

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well what the hell did you ask him to get?!

I know right, that's certainly the contents of every grocery list I've ever made!

A hand grenade. That would probably be the most obvious guess of what one would get at a grocery store.

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He can't follow simple instructions and would rather eat crap than real food... Yup, looks like OP is about to be dealing with TWO children. FYL, indeed.

33, he can follow simple instructions but he's a boy who gets to anything he wants from the shops essentially. Of course he'd opt for the unhealthy over his girlfriend's list.

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The OP needs to get a housekeeper. Our housekeeper is a pro at shopping.

You need to get a new pic, thats pretty gross dude


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^Dog, but he did not eat the meat because there is no nutrition! I did not eat dog because I was born in the U.S. grow up! So thank you. . . . . . Goodbye. Wrong FML?

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Yeah - chinese isn't one of the languages I know!?!?! lol

71 if he could follow simple instruction.. she wouldnt b pregnant! lmao!

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what is so great about being first

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hot pockets have cheese in them so no she cant have them

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While that is true, what other reason would there be to like her comment?? Because its completely wrong and stupid

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well 146 if you need someone to like you I might as well do so ooooooo

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38- go touché yourself :p I made a funny

At least he got hot pockets? I seriously wonder why some people complain about this stuff... if you're having a child with him, you should know that he can't be trusted to get the groceries. Hm?

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Regardless of whether she knew of his inconsistencies with grocery shopping in the past, he was wrong in his current actions. Maybe she was hoping that he'd be considerate of her needs, especially since she was away at work, is pregnant with his child, and simply because she's his gf and he should know better. Instead, he chose to be a selfish inconsiderate jerk. He could have gotten all of those things and still brought home some of what she requested. I don't know if you've ever been pregnant, but it's pretty damn exhausting. He's an asshole for not even thinking about her and their child's needs.

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Most lactose intolerant people can have a low amount of dairy products depending on the quantity of lactase being produced by the body.

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Yeah, but she's also pregnant, which causes the body to react more. So now she would be vomiting even more because he's an inconsiderate prick.

Sounds like you have a winner of a boyfriend.

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OP deserves it for getting pregant with her BOYFRIEND.

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She never said it was his. . .coulda been a one-night-stand

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40, a lot of people who aren't married have children. They could be in their 30's for all we know. It's becoming more common. And since when is marriage the only time you can have children?

82 and 193 - Obviously 40 was just pointing out that it's likely the child was unplanned - she doesn't even know him well enough that she considers her life to be F'd by what he did. It's better to wait until marriage before having kids because then you've already decided that you want to be with this person forever, and KNOW them.

#238 and yet divorce rates are going up and up every year.. My parents were married for 20 years, they waited 4 years before having a child. My dad forgot at least 7 times (that I recall) that my mum is SEVERELY allergic to prawns. Length of relationship doesn't mean you know someone and marriage isn't forever. We know nothing about OP, her partner or their relationship. They could have been together for 10 years for all we know. I would assume giving someone a list of items would be enough guidance, evidently not for this guy.

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What? What? Seriously? I grab the wrong things at the shop fairly frequently, and I'm a woman. Or, by your standards, a man.

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So grocery shopping is a woman's job? Way to be a sexist asshole.

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Worst part is I think 11 is a woman.

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That's unnecessary. It was one time. Heartless person!

The OP's boyfriend is the heartless one here, completely disregarding the OP's needs when she is PREGNANT. The least he could do is help out with basic tasks such as buying EDIBLE food (for the OP) to eat

really shes pregnat i dont know ppl looking for pregnant girls

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136 - I do. I'm obviously pregnant and I get hit on more now than ever. You know how many times I've heard the lame pick-up line "you need a daddy for that baby?" Ugh...

#160 that must get old. Guys are creeps sometimes.