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Today, I told my boyfriend his shirt and pants did not match and that he should change for dinner. All my belongings are now on the sidewalk. FML
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looks like he thought your belongings didn't match his house

I always trust a girls sense of fashion. lol. They typically know what they are talking about.


I always trust a girls sense of fashion. lol. They typically know what they are talking about.

So did he like... go inside your house to get stuff to dump on the sidewalk, or do you keep everything you own in your purse?

But honestly I don't usually care about if my shirt matches my pants because I either wear jeans or shorts.

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I don't get what 13 was trying to say but OP must have been complaining way to much about not matching or her boyfriend is way over sensitive.

maybe you should date the can find her by the curb...

There is a piece of the puzzle missing. I'm willing to bet some cold, hard cash that you chronically nag him about any and everything.

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heheh I know a good pimp for her

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apparently he doesn't like to be corrected

It was probably the way she said it...bitches be trippin.

funny sometimes I ask my little brother for help on what to wear : )

#85 is right... i voted FYL but now i think about it she probably went on and on about it, and he might have said he didn't wanna change, so it turned into a whole argument, then she comes to FML with this sob story as if all she did was make one simple request. How do i change it to YDI? D:

he's probably thinking. . . . "that men's wearhouse commercial lied!"

If that's the case then yeah she deserves it.

You know, if she nagged him all the time.

I bet he got the idea from Ronnie on jersey shore.

such a petty boyfriend you have OP. fyl

why are you on FML and not in the kitchen OP?

^^ it's boys like you who don't get laid.

Sounds like she was the petty one and my guess would be this isn't the first such comment.

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So if Ke$ha told you that your clothes were ugly you would believe her?

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ke$ha, maybe...lady gaga, no...

Man these comments are filled with negative thumbs! *Awaits thumbs down*

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As long as we're hypothetical Kesha questions... if a tree fell in the woods on Kesha would anyone care?

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Petty boyfriend? Complaining about his clothes sounds more petty. And I agree; a very important part of this story is missing!

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I would have done the same. if nags chronically i would dump that hoe. it only gets arose married.

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looks like he thought your belongings didn't match his house

Look's like you don't match him anymore.

11- Only one of the same type of joke can be made, or it gets very old, very fast.

Looks like uKrazy's comment doesn't match Cashtangoteam's joke. Did I kill it yet?

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31 ftw^^ and 109 u did kill it... haha

Honestly if you are going out to a high end restaurant you want to be dressed well, I dont agree with it but many places have a dress code.

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Hahaha! That made me laugh. XD

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well...that's because you are insane. people that do stuff like this obviously have some sort or mental disorder.

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...yet your picture is of George Bush eating a kitten.

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I think he overreacted, but he made his point that his clothes will be the way HE wants them and it went through loud and clear. and WTF was up with her wanting him to change his clothes for dinner? he could've walked around like that all day and she never said anything but now that their gonna eat he should match. again WTF.

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Well maybe that restaurant had a dress code? I think he's pretty childish to react in such a way - if he doesn't know how to dress properly than he shouldnt be ashamed of getting some help of his girlfriend!

no he isn't, I hate bitches that try to control every aspect of a guys life like he's their child.. and totally agreed with avatar

I don't get why this comment got thumbed down? What he did was immature.

Elisabetha Aarron 18

Maybe the OP constantly moans and complains about their partner's outfit as they want them to have a certain look while their partner doesn't want to dress in the style the OP wants. If the OP constantly tries to control their partner then this time may have been the last straw, got tired of the controlling behaviour and ended things.

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We men don't do girly things like fashion and hygiene. We come to dinner however we want =D *Comment not to be taken seriously*

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I don't pay any attention to fashion, but I do try to look nice. I think fashion ruins a lot of people actually.

As long as he wears deodorant and changes his shorts, he's good to go.

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damn right Lmao. nice comment. brought a smile to my morning

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Seems like you took the comment more seriously than english class

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dont even try thatt. it not all of em.

40- there's this thing going around in the world maybe u don't know about it but it's called SARCASM. You should learn to sense it because you end up looking foolish when you take things seriously like that. :]

I'm not It just pisses me off when people don't sense sarcasm or a jokes because it's not that hard to get them. common sense just isn't common anymore.

Ins0mau 20

It's the intent. Sarcasm doesn't work unless it's glaringly obvious due to the huge number of GENUINE idiotic comments around. Sad but true.

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139 you just failed hard bro. 121 was being sarcastic.

Ydi, never try talk to a man about fashion.

warning: shoving food up your ass does in fact make you spew shit out of your mouth. example 1^

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What about Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? That was men talking to men about fashion. XD

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well what did you expect him to do, i would have done the same thing. Its a guy thing.

Is it? Well, then I must immediately check if my partner still has a penis, because he'll never do this 'guy thing' whilst I thought he was a guy. Silly me. Or it is you who is generalizing.

:/ cant take woman in gas mask seriously...

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16, I would not have thought. anything about your comment until you used 'whilst'. That just sounds stupid. -_-

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Yeah...I'm sorry 16, but you have a terrible sentence structure. Also, you have thought in place of's not supposed to be past tense.

Edit: I wasn't supposed to reply here... So some mod please delete this.

1. You make it sound as though sarcasm has just been discovered. 2. In case you haven't noticed... Sarcasm is rather hard to detect through text if it isn't being made blatantly obvious. And judging by the number of thumbs ups #40 got and the number of thumbs downs you got I'd say most FMLers didn't think it sounded very sarcastic.

:( Still didn't work. This was for 58...

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Are you talking about beating the boyfriend or doing the wife?

So it's a guy thing to have no sense of fashion , overreact and be an ass? Interesting.

I doubt thats the only reason why this happened.