By Anonymous - 21/06/2015 04:38 - United States - Harrison

Today, my boyfriend murmured his sister's name during sex. Before you say he was thinking of someone else with the same name, I've only ever met one person in our town called Nohemi. FML
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Steve95401 49

OP is from Arkansas - what a surprise.


That's so wrong on so many levels wtw?!!

colton_colton 49

Sounds like its time you 3 have a nice, long talk

What's to talk about. More like a nice long walk

ShadowlessSpear 21
Tessa_11 19

Ew wtf. I thought it said YOUR sister at first..

I'm fairly certain what he actually said is way worse. Incest > OP's sister... Yeah, incest wins this one.

Tessa_11 19

That's why I said ew! That is way worse!

silentlyhannah 17

I actually thought it said OP'S sister as well lol.

******* yes. Lol! Leia: I kissed my brother. Cersei: That's nice.

Why do Lannisters have such big beds? They push two twins together to make a king.

How much does he fantasize about incest to actually say his sister's name in bed? That's disturbing!

@45 Do you think it could be real life? Something something, caught in a landslide and no escaping reality...

Steve95401 49

OP is from Arkansas - what a surprise.

outfielder55 17

Dude really. It's still illegal in Arkansas. Nobody does that. Nobody thinks that's OK anymore. Stop stereotyping.

I'm from Arkansas but that's pretty messed up. Funny comment though. We southern folks do have a sense of humor about our stereotyping

lexiieeex3 32

"From our town" enough said.

Sit him down and discuss, you don't deserve anything but a good boyfriend OP!

What I meant was that you should ask him what he said... I hope you misheard him!!

CliffyB03 28

Let's all hope OP misheard him. Please.

Anyone else wondering how that name is pronounced?

My aunt is called Noemi, some call her Noy-mee, others call her No-amy, but she doesn't correct you. My mum and her sisters use the first one, my nan uses both and her husband uses the second one.

My mom is named Noehmi. It's pronounced No-Eh-Me.

LuckBeNimble 19

plot twist. ops name is Amy and she misheard him. end of story