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Today, I went out with a girl I like. After a movie, we went to McDonald's. There was this couple making out. The girl I was with remarked about how lame it would be to go to McDonald's on a date. I thought we were on a date. FML
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Don't be so bloody cheap. Take her to Olive Garden or something.

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Real dates don't have drive-thru windows. Take her some place nice next time OP.


Alpha35 4

Why eat mcdonalds when there is carls jr

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Alpha35 4

im thinking bout ummmm starting my own carls jr religion and ummmm yea.... wanna join?

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that HELL YEAH went to 32 on joining his religion!!

Forget about the Carls Jr religion. Join "In n Out" and thou shall be blessed with extra sauce.

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IN N OUT FTW!! And yes, Hardee's and Carl's Jr. are the same thing.

though hardee's and carl's jr. have different items on their menu! hardee's also seems to be east coast while CJ is west coast. this is coming from someone who moved from maryland to California recently. hardee's is better IMO. now NOTHING in the east beats Jack in the box. I've never been to an in n out but really want to.

#17 that doesn't look like its ur arm. sort urself out.

if you're thinking burgers, you're thinking Five Guys.

Acousticpixie14 6

You HAVE to try In N Out! That's the biggest craving I've had throughout this entire pregnancy, but I refuse to eat junk while I'm prego, so I am suffering over here! Try it!! Carl's Jr. and Hardees aren't too different on their items though. I'd agree that it's pretty East vs. West though. In Kansas, we had Hardees, and out here in California we have Carl's Jr. I can't say that I'm a big fan of Jack in The Box. Their tacos are pretty awesome though. I've never had Wataburger...looks like I'll have to try it.

sometimes I'll jack in the box while watching five guys in and out carls Jr.

as Donnie from The Big Lebowski said, "I love In-N-Out Burger"

I'm down for In n Out. best burgers hands down... & animal style fries!

130 - Like this guy implied, can't we all just be friends?

redrum burger in Davis California...too bad there's only one :(

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In 'n' Out all the ******* way! =]

In & out burger hell yeah! 4x4 with grilled and raw onions animal style yum yums

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#154 I love Redrum Burger! I ate there a lot during college. As far as a chain restaurant burger goes, I think my vote goes for In N Out! Yum!

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never heard of ANY of these places except jack in the box so... wendy's FTW.

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Oh my gosh you guys...RED ROBIN!! Yummmmmm!

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soldier4life_88 0

and I agree with #164.. a 4X4 animal style is freaking godly!!!

i bet OP wishes he had gotten some in n out.. maybe even animal style. ..... giggity

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164 is that how you got that body?!?! if so I need to give it a shot! but I love Islands burgers, I know we have it in Cali. I haven't really paid attention if they have it anywhere else.

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Why go out and eat burgers when you can stay home and eat cereal?

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McDonald's = Shit. I don't think there is a worst fast food franchise. Then again, she probably didn't want fast food at all for a date.

I went out with a girl to McDonalds at one time, she wanted a Big Mac but I wanted to Double Quarter Pounder while playing with McNuggets. Everything is just Parfait.

Acousticpixie14 6

I don't understand why OP thought it was okay in the first place. Since when is fast food on a date okay?

McDonalds......nasty place to eat. fast good is bad for you....

I love McDonald's. I suppose this shows how low class I am, but I would be totally alright with going to McDonald's after a movie date. In fact, I'd be pretty happy. Get myself a double cheeseburger and an oreo McFlurry and stuff my face.

when you're a teenager and have no money?

I think mcdonalds is a pretty cool guy, eh fattens america and doesn't afraid of anything.

well, if mcdonalds sold hotdogs, could order a mcwiener with a straight face? :D

MrBond007_fml 6

101, right? it's a double fail. you want to impress the girl! and fast food gives me gas, I would even hate to be my date when I have gass!

#177 nice meme :P. This one was used with halo right?

probably because micky dees is the grossest fast food place you can go to. besides their coffee

I dont think theres anything wrong with going to a fastfood place on a first date. My boyfriend and I went to a burger place on our first date.. We've been together for over a year now, lol. He didnt need to take me to a fancy place to impress me.. McDonalds was one of our earlier dates too, one of the best times I ever had :) Honestly, if its such a big deal to go to a fancy place to you, youre a superficial bitch, imo.

How could something with a name like "fast good" possibly be bad for you?

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your bad for picking up a girl with high standards..

haha high standards? mcdonnalds is crap.

115- 94 is not fatass, 94 is awesome! and **** Anti-Flood

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I don't know why you're saying wow, this fml has nothing to do with world of warcraft.

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It was a date until OP brought her to mcdonalds LOL

Did no one stop to think that maybe the movie was the date and they ended up a little pecking so went for something cheap? You get more for your $ at McDonald's than the movie theater.

Don't be so bloody cheap. Take her to Olive Garden or something.

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Olive Garden is your idea of fine dining?

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hey!!! don't hate on olive garden!!

Hell no, I prefer to eat at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess but I'm not some cocky shit that recommends people to the most expensive restaurant in Arizona. Dumbass. Olive garden is cheap and has decent food.

gabrielleangeliq 0

That was the point. Olive Garden (while delicious) IS cheap. She made it seem like Olive Garden is some upscale five star restaurant.

But which is cheaper Olive Garden or McDonalds? Also which is more likely to make you think date? I've been to places like Olive Garden/Applebees/ Ruby Tuesdays/ etc on dates plenty of times because they are good places to go when you need decent food and a good atmosphere but don't have a lot of money to spend.

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Here's the basic reasons why it's a better place for a date: Olive Garden doesn't have a ball pen or plastic chairs attached to the floor, it has waiters/waitresses, and you can hear yourself think. It's a good place for a date: Not high-class, but good food and a good environment.

It's about of my exes loved McDonald's. I could never guess why, the food is awful. But she preferred it over some place like the olive garden.

what about Red Lobster? (and yes, that was a reference)

skyttlz 32

she probably thought u were just hangin out

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I agree. ..hopefully she likes you enough to wanna 'hang out' with you again and you can mention the word 'date' when u plan it to her / ask or whatever.

taking her to mcdonalds was a sign to her that this wasn't a date. going to mcdonalds isn't a date... let this be a lesson for you!

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doubt it this guy wouldn't get it if a freakin freight train hiy him w/ that clue

61- No way, A 18 wheeler would do the trick.

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damn damn damn!! we recession.. money don't grow tree's.. just be thankful he took your ass out.. lol

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damn damn damn!! you school learn English?

English learn. Not what think you. I no you think what stupid am I? for you news, not I.

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Real dates don't have drive-thru windows. Take her some place nice next time OP.

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couldn't agree with you more!