By that's methed up, darling - 16/08/2013 21:33 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend dragged me to the local McDonald's, refusing to drive me home until he ate. When I mentioned how dangerous that part of town is, he stopped and went all Walter White on me in front of everyone, spouting lines like "I AM the danger" and "I'M the one who knocks, babe." FML
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Watch him see a fly while he's eating. *Freaks out* "We can't risk this high level of contamination!"

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They should've taken the keys, started driving, and turned around to say "I see a man outside of a car and I think this of you. You are the one who walks."

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Ewe. OP you should consider breaking up with him.

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He didn't go all Walter White..this was Heisenberg.

If he keeps this up just put ricin in his food... But make sure his elderly uncle isn't around!

Meanwhile, he demands to see the general manager whose name just happens to be gus.

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You should have kicked him in the balls and then called a taxi. No one has the right to keep you hostage, per say.

Her boyfriend is just trying to be funny, that's it.

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you must lose alot of boyfriends if you do that whenever they make a joke.

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I don't understand why it's such a big deal she had to wait until he finished eating to go home. It takes like 10 minutes to eat at McDonald's. That doesn't deserve a kick to the nuts. God damn, some people only think of themselves apparently. If OP really wanted to go home she could have, instead of bitch about waiting 10 damn minutes for her boyfriend to eat.

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How dare you bring logic into this!

Ok so OP isn't "bitching" because she had to wait, she's simply stating that it's a bad area of the town she lives in and the bf obviously doesn't care because he's seen a few episodes of breaking bad.

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to me it sounds like OP didnt eat at all but was forced to go then forced to sit and watch him eat. the bf comes across as a massive asshole but then OP would want us to think that.

Just because a town has a rough area doesn't mean you have to avoid it completely..

If OPs boyfriend is the one drivin, she shouldn't bitch about him wanting to stop to get something to eat. Maybe he didnt want to go out of his way and use his gas to get food after dropping her off

Ouchh that's embarrassing! Sorry that happened OP!

OP you should have replied back saying "you will become endangered, if you keep up the act". xD

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You're so right! His username was an epic win! Haha!

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BEST!!!! I absolutely love Breaking Bad! That's amazing! Haha! But probably scary!