By Jules - 21/02/2011 07:59 - United States

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me over the phone. He said I look too ugly when I cry to do it seriously in person. FML
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you_failed 15

Wow. Brutal. But maybe you should reconstruct his face and maybe, we'll see who's the ugly one in public.

I hope is next girlfriend dumps him like that.


iwubbtitties_fml 0

ydi for being ugly... and ydi for leaving the kitchen...and you deserve it for being a girl

those jokes are old and not funny anymore....there went even ever funny most guys would die of starvation if it wasn't for girls

This is the second time you used that kitchen joke If you don't have something else to say then would you like a cup of STFU tea.

The moral that 24 and 27 have learned already, is that women like men who respect them. Women do not like assholes. Therefore, those to guys will probably end up with lady companions, while the asshole will end up with his dominant hand for a lover. And they will all live happily ever after (except for the asshole). The end.

emmanizzer 6

21 - you "wub *******"? well don't expect to interact with many if you're saying shit like that.

Acousticpixie14 6

Sooo I agree with #15... Everyone looks ugly when they cry. Instead of mourning this loss, OP, you should be rejoicing that it's over. Obviously he's an asshole.

21 is a stupid guy who doesn't respect women. making jokes about them and then expecting to get ******* (iwubtitties). To OP: not in a mean way it's good he dumped you he's not worth it. he's such a jerk

I agree with 32, you will get ******* *******.

Don't cry so much then. Maybe you will hold onto a boyfriend next time.

That's just not right man , she needs to be real right?

Lizza330 28

He broke up with you over the phone, because you look bad when you cry?

Just guessing here but yes, I think that's what happened. We may never know for sure as the post is just too vague.

...And it would be awesome if there was punctuation. I have absolutely no idea what OP was even trying to say.

53- Yes, we get it, it was funny. No need to point it out.

I agree with him, OP. Maybe you should work on your crying technique. Then people would break up with you in person. :D

navygal87 0

what a prick! lmao! but yea maybe holdn back on those tears might help

LiLCarlson 3

Well, after that there is not much left worth crying for.

xNikkiez 0

You obviously cried a lot to your boyfriend, or should I say ex. I think YDI....

Why would she deserve it? What if he abused her but she was still in love with him and was afraid to leave him? Plus, the amount she cried doesn't even matter... It's how she looked when she cried...

you_failed 15

Wow. Brutal. But maybe you should reconstruct his face and maybe, we'll see who's the ugly one in public.