By Anonymous - 15/03/2010 17:38 - Ireland

Today, I realised I spend more time and receive more satisfaction talking on the phone with Chinese take away than talking to my wife in person. FML
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amayasoma 19

Aww, poor you. How about discussing this with your wife and seeing if you and her can fix it.

sarcasMystic 0

Imagine the Chinese guy's FML: "Today, I am beginning to get suspicious about one man who keeps calling for Chinese take-out and making conversation. He won't stop calling. FML."


no one cares about first but you. shut up

Your life isn't ****** if you have the ability to change it. YDI.

won't you get moded for just putting first - as if it really matters.

alleyx3 0

you must be fat if ur calling for takeout that much

cocopuff96 0
Blue_Coconuts 7

Dude Chinese food rocks... I haven't had Chinese takeout in forever though... :(

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sarcasMystic 0

Imagine the Chinese guy's FML: "Today, I am beginning to get suspicious about one man who keeps calling for Chinese take-out and making conversation. He won't stop calling. FML."

XxKeLs3yxX 0

#15 and #16 so the **** what if the op is fat I don't think that has any thing to do with the situation.

dude ******* shut up and get a divorce. seriously, if u are not enjoying ur marrage and u don't love ur wife anymore, then stop trying.

XxKeLs3yxX 0

And what I'm trying to say is shut the hell up

those Chinese people are quite pleasant......

Yee12 0

YDI for talking to Chinese people

42 is pretty...i want her hair. and i was jk...but seriously..he should try to work it out with his wife or divorce her

YDI for not divorcing you wife. your just hurting her... and that's mean of you ):

XxKeLs3yxX 0

#53 thank you N yeah I agree he should do something to work it out with his. also I wasn't telling you to shut the hell up lol I was telling # 15

XCaLX_fml 0

agreed. If you don't enjoy talking to the person who is supposed to be the love of your life, then that's a problem.

bubbarific 0

ydi for disturbing the chinese

marleytooyou 0

how the heck do u know If he's fat (stalker)

aznpersuasion863 0

Today, I realised my husband spends more time and receives more satisfaction talking on the phone with Chinese take away than talking to me. FML

He's fat because he eats Chinese takeout? as if all of you women have never eaten Chinese takeout before. grow the **** up....

chinese guy: You want food fast or you come get? Op: Nice weather isn't it? Other guy: O.o

you must be pathetic if all you do is call people who eat Chinese food 'fat'. go have a sammich fool

Dial 1800chinese... I'm not kidding. But hang up quick, haha.

sry for the spacin. my itouch gets screwy everynow n then... T_T

Just let them be retarded, they'll find out sooner or later.

40, he never said he didn't love his wife, he just said he enjoys ordering food more than he loves talking to his wife. calm down

For all the people saying YDI and he should divorce his wife, maybe he's from the Catholic part of Ireland. Divorce would be a bigger FML

XYZzzzzzzz 0

ordering chinese is very satisfactory

u_killed_kenny_ 0

YDI for having a wife u don't want to be around

it's not as easy to divorce as just saying it. With everything being slanted in a women's favour these days, a man loses everything if they get a divorce. There's a good chance that he can't afford to get a divorce in this economy.

does your wife put out anymore ? if not shes worthless put her in a nursing home asap.


hay hay woo woo woo I love the adicts

That's why you should eat out more.

there is a simple solution to this. force your wife to work at the Chinese takeout place! this way you can talk to her AND she'll be where the belongs: in the kitchen

#25 is cute. And YDI for eating take out too much.

alleyx3 0

I said he was fat because he must call takeout quite often from what he described. geez guys grow the hell up

Sorry my iPod went strange :( I actually said 104

You seem depressed. Have you considered discussing this with a professional?

fualignment 0

you must be implying something

mama2b3 20

chinese food is rather enjoyable... Or do you really just like to eat out and ur wife doesnt enjoy it? lol

jennnnrawr 0

maybe he has some strange chinese fetish?

Lets just hope OP doesn't make a habit out of asking the Chinese take away guy what he's wearing.

LOL. shud of married the take out person instead of your wife! :D

ninafea 0

agreed! free Chinese food! that sounds wonderful!

JustinKingr 0
JustinKingr 0

just because you are an an employee doesn't mean you get it free. for example walmart people don't get a free HDTV

ninafea 0

Thank you for clarfying that. I'm sorry you're a wal mart employee and wished you could have had a free HD TV

iamchuck 0
aDropOfSunshine 2

Is anyone else a little tired of these FMLs that say, "Today, I realized that I get more satisfaction from _________ than I do from _________ with my significant other. FML" ? At the end of the day, you're a product of your own decisions, so if your life sucks, start changing it or don't complain.

JustinKingr 0

Hate who? Who are you talking about? Feel free to clarify any day now..

yoitssabrina 0

i completely agree-just being a little more positive in life can make such a huge difference :)

JustinKingr 0

try reading numer 11's post before mine. it might help.

koco4 0

Daria is the best. lala la la la

XCaLX_fml 0

nerd and now ima post what u said as an fml

@68 I loved that show. It's like they took scenes from my life. ... except for the being a girl part. Oh well.

lickmyjock 0

should of married the Chinese girl then. they're better anyway.

Pahaha! This is funny because your wife is Chinese. I don't stalk you I swear, I just "overhear"! How are you these days, lickmyjock? I see you've changed your picture.

PsychoMerk 0

anybody else get that "weird" feeling while at the dentist's or doctor's? 0_0 or is that just me?

Olympian94 0

You're on this app everyday @ person in front, on every post. Get a life.

PsychoMerk 0

are you ******* stalking me? I'm not on EVERY post dumbass! Go and ******* check if you want and stop talking out your ass.

PsychoMerk 0

Besides, this is ******* entertaining.

jack8765 0

wow you sound like a total bitch and yes you are on almost every post, get a life

PsychoMerk 0

Reading ALL the daily FMLs only takes up 10 minutes on my time. commenting takes 15? Oh noooo I have no like because I'm on this for about 20 minutes on a good day?

i just wanna know how he knows you're on here everyday. i'm assuming he must be too to figure that out. ohh the irony.