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  sarcasMystic  |  0

Imagine the Chinese guy's FML: "Today, I am beginning to get suspicious about one man who keeps calling for Chinese take-out and making conversation. He won't stop calling. FML."

  katsuku  |  5

it's not as easy to divorce as just saying it. With everything being slanted in a women's favour these days, a man loses everything if they get a divorce. There's a good chance that he can't afford to get a divorce in this economy.

  c0nfuzzled  |  0

there is a simple solution to this. force your wife to work at the Chinese takeout place! this way you can talk to her AND she'll be where the belongs: in the kitchen

By  aDropOfSunshine  |  2

Is anyone else a little tired of these FMLs that say, "Today, I realized that I get more satisfaction from _________ than I do from _________ with my significant other. FML" ?

At the end of the day, you're a product of your own decisions, so if your life sucks, start changing it or don't complain.

  PsychoMerk  |  0

Reading ALL the daily FMLs only takes up 10 minutes on my time. commenting takes 15? Oh noooo I have no like because I'm on this for about 20 minutes on a good day?