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By  Night22_fml  |  4

You can use it for scaring kids on Halloween this year :) If you've ever played Resident Evil 4, dress up like a zealot amd start saying "Cohethlo" you should know what I mean

By  Darth_Taco  |  14

Look at the bright side, you can burn it :D. At least you got a present for graduation. I didn't get anything for my 18th birthday or graduation. Instead I lost my best friends of 3 years on both occasions. Oh well, I'm not complaining. I'm around better people now :D.

Still, snuggies suck! D:

By  Jennika  |  0

#9.. WTF do you mean WTF is a snuggie? Look it up you lazy fuck.LOL They are the ipidimy of awesome.


# 10 -(reference from by any chance?)