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Today, I signed the divorce papers my wife gave me. When I went to bed, she was on the phone talking to her new boyfriend. FML
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Nah. That's nothing. My ex had a new boyfriend 2 weeks in.

Think of it this way - she's his problem now!

I hate to tell you, but your ex didn't have a new boyfriend "two weeks in." She already had him, and left you for him. Cheating just looks bad during the divorce proceedings.

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I don't agree with her actions but... Its good to plan ahead haha

Uhh 19 since when was two weeks more extreme than the day of....

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She proly already had him on the side. Who knows

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If your getting divorced why are you still sleeping in the same bed

if she have any sexual activity with him during the process, the judge will rule you in favor

I know right? It is pretty sickening.

I like your picture, it's funnier because they spelled atheists wrong. Oh and what does oxygen in space have to do with being religious or not?

@47 and it's suppose to be a supporting argument for the Christian god being real. But I'm pretty sure scientists have proved why the sun does burn and stuff. Since scientists like to prove all my favorite claims unexisting. Like the g-spot. ):

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It doesn't need oxygen to burn there's helium n many more gases that burn better that way

The picture is mocking the blind stupidity of most people, mostly religious ones who do anything they are told. The sun does not burn, by the way, it glows due to a process called nuclear fusion.

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Hey.. How did you get my phone number?

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In the Yellow Pages, under Massage Services.

Women are like tornados, they come in a swift movement, take your house and everything you own.

You probably shouldn't still have been living with someone you were going through a divorce with.

Yea, and record the call! If she is committing an infidelity wouldn't that nullify her claim to 50% of the Op's stuff?

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He signed the divorce papers. I don't think infidelity is an issue any more.

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It was likely she was going to move on. But not less than a day after her divorce...

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They have been fighting and not really together for a long time. It's expensive to get a divorce and most people don't do it legally right away.

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34, you really got all that out of 2 sentences? That's quite an imagination you got there.

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Very vivid if you ask me. Don't let your imagination run wild, it can cost you.

Lmao, dude! xD that made my day. Love ur profile pic btw :)

Sorry man :| Good thing you divorced her, I guarantee you'll find someone better.

That sucks. Same thing happened to my dad so I know it can really b hard to take and b a killer on your self esteem :(

If its your house then kick that ***** out.

Get revenge by sleeping with her sister ( if she has one)

To be honest the chances of either options are pretty rare, unless the mom is a widow. *shrugs*

I don't know whoredom runs in the family

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Or her brother. It has more shock value! Gay sex, that will show her!

I think that would work, I lol'd. This might put OP at a tough decision about his sexuality though, he will be treading some shallow waters from that point on ;0

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Or her Teddy bear, yeah it's lame but all the good ones were taken.

Thay sucks OP. Going through divorce is hard enough without having to find out your ex already moved on.

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A woman will never suggest moving on without having someone else in mind. If she wasn't riding him before they seperated op can rest assured that she had taken the saddle out of the barn.

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Drifter, why is every comment by you about women always so uh... misogynistic? Bitter? Painting them as evil *****? You wanna share some mommy issues with us or do you feel better when no one calls you out on it?

Actually I think drifter was quoting Bill Engvall or Jeff Foxworthy or something

TheDrifter 23

It's a Foxworthy quote. On a side note, my bitterness comes not from my mother (a wonderful old lady) but from prolonged exposure to unadultered reality and a lack of Prozac.

Yah, apparently they had hooked up over the Mardi Gras weekend.

TheDrifter 23

Sorry to hear that op. Hpefully you'll meet someone wonderful and faithful who can help you put all this uglyness in your past and your future on a positive path.

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Drifter's quoting at #49 isn't that far off. I've seen it happen with many of my female friends over the last 20 years. They stay around until they find someone else, but then they're gone. I think sometimes they do it to have a reason to not look back.

Yah it really sucks the life out of me. Thank you.