By TheHezzer - 21/02/2012 19:17 - United Kingdom

Today, I discovered the hard way that all the scare stories I'd heard about rats getting into pipes and finding their way into your toilet are, in fact, true. FML
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! It's their master.

Maybe it was like the one from Ratatouille and just wanted to make you a delicious meal? :)


It's obviously Peter Pettigrew. Run Harry, RUN!

23- since when is pettigrew trying to get up Harry's butt? haha! your comment made this fml so much better

40- I try. May the odds be ever in your favor.

I know this may sound stupid , and you guys are going to judge knowing the type of audience on FML. But wouldn't the rats drown from the water going through the pipes, let's say for example flushing the toilet . Because If we think about it , it's Atleast 3 liters of water going Down the pipe, and the pipe is concise.. It isn't wide (no pun intended)

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I saw this on TV when I was a kid. I've been squatting ever since..

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I looked it up last time there was a similar city says to make a habit of keeping the lid closed and if you do get an intruder, squirt dish soap in the bowl so it can't climb out, wait a few and FLUSH! So scary!!!

No one likes bad puns, darling. It's a fact.

Don't freak out he was just trying to be punny.

Hmm i just happen to be sitting on the toilet thank you Op for that scary image. (I know this is TMI but I'd like to share) :D

Maybe it was like the one from Ratatouille and just wanted to make you a delicious meal? :)

LMAO... I cracked up hardcore at this comment.

Oh, ew. That's really gross. It wasn't alive was it? It would have drowned :/

Water.. But I obviously don't know a lot about it, so if somehow I was wrong and the rat wasn't dead, I didn't want to sounds like a complete idiot :p

I have the same problem! But I found plumbers in red hats coming out of my pipes!

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what sucks is flushing is only a temporary solution

Well yeah because rats live in sewers and sewers are connected to toilets. But still, FYL FYL FYL FYL FYL FYL FYL FYL X100,000,000 if the rat touched your skin

I thought sewers were connected to cars. thanks for clearing that up for me!

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I thought they were connected to 13's face...guess I was wrong