By lonelyhubby - 08/07/2009 04:16 - United States

Today, I found out that my wife had been debating leaving me for an old boyfriend from high school. They rekindled their relationship on Facebook, and talking on the cell phone. Both things I insisted she have. FML
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People really don't think out marriage anymore.

holy shit. this is happening to my mom and dad, my dad's the one hooking up with the old girlfriend from high school. bullshit! I hate unstable relationships!


Well, why didn't you give her the things you insisted she had?

He insisted that she'd have Facebook and a cell phone, prob helped her with them!

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Don't worry it's probably some 60 year old guy pretending to be her childhood sweetheart so he can rape her or something

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Fuck her! It's horrible how society has come to the point that relationships are as disposable as napkins.

Agreed, My gf moved to another state to help out her sister with her business. After a while she made new friends. Which I encouraged because she went on and on about how lonely she was and how she didn't have any friends. So she met a guy and now she has fallen for him, and I encouraged her friendship with him. So it happens, sorry buddy, best of luck

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@11 That's a girlfriend. This is a wife. Depending on how many years your relationship lasted before then, suck it up, or that kind of sucks, but OP wins.

I'm assuming #11 was just throwing another example out there and not trying to one-up the OP.

Wow #15, you're so sensitive.

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hey don't talk like that about napkins

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Yeah that's kinda wierd that you wanted her to have a Facebook,that's just trouble waiting to happen!

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No, her dishonesty is a problem waiting to happen

And they've been cybering while he sends her drinks via that-one-app.


yea I agree, those facebook stuff can haunt you. I'm sure she ****** him. hope you don't have kids.

Just another reason not to use FB (I'm not bashing FB users however, so let's skip the flame war people). Definite FYL on the cellphone part though.

People really don't think out marriage anymore.

its a fun way to spend a weekend. Sometimes a month (attempted sarcasm)

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Or 55 hours!

holy shit. this is happening to my mom and dad, my dad's the one hooking up with the old girlfriend from high school. bullshit! I hate unstable relationships!

Wow, it's happening to my parents too, except it's my mom leaving my dad. If it's any consolation, OP, I guess this isn't all that uncommon...

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That's how my parents split up too... more or less. He met his old fiance from like 30 years ago who was still on the other side of the country where my dads from, and they started having a relationship. My mom only found out 'cause my dad left his email open one day. These things happen, and sometimes for the best. I've never seen either of my parents as happy as they are now.

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facebook ruins relationships!

not always. 97% are ruined by fb but not every relationship is ruined by facebook

80% of statistics are made up...

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Actually, it's 96% of statistics that are made up.

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It's not FaceBook ruining relationships, its the people in said relationships, ruining relationships. Two people could easily be on Facebook and not have an issue. It's always been people who let Facebook be a catalyst for those things.

Drop her ass. Give no sympathy. If the guy treats her like crap and she comes crawling back, laugh in her face.

Seconded. If she wants to be with the other guy so bad, make the decision for her - dump her bitch ass.