By Glutton for Punishment. - 07/09/2010 21:30 - France

Today, I got a separation agreement from my wife. It was sent from the lawyer she spent the long weekend with right before she told me it was over. FML
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sorry man i posted this befor i read it, FYL

There seems to be way too many eminem fans on this site...

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it could be worse op could be pregnant

I see that your wife loves the lawyer... typical

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Everytime I read these kind of FML's I just wonder what got them married in the first place. OP- Spend a long weekend with her sister now.

I always thought he looked like a really skinny drug addict. oh wait... Just kidding. Just kidding.

I know I was kidding. I love him and Lil Wayne and Usher and T.I. and Trey Songz, but my favorite is Drake <3

I just love how most girls' favorite singers/bands are only their favorites because they are/have a "hot" guy :)

Lol you and I have a completely different taste in music.

25 - the "they are/have" a confuses me a bit...are you saying girls like singers either because they're hot or because the girl has a hot bf? o.O

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he's saying that girls like the boy then the band then the music in that order... idk but I will say that there is a lot of terrible shit on my wife's iPod.

haha actually for me if went opposite. but my boyfriend thinks my music sucks as well haha

Ethics violation! Report him to his bar!

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Look on the bright side, he is a lawyer so he's probably a Jew. Just slap a swastica on an easy bake oven and leave it on his door step. The perfect revenge >:)

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62 your picture is freakin awesome lmao

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84 there is only one Tom green and it's not you.

I bet if I looked thru a phonebook I'd find more than one Tom Green

84: You disgrace our species. We are not amused. -.-

adultery. you automatically win in court

rap and hip hop sucks, Cannibal Corpse RULEZ!

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Wow what? Also, why do you use a fake picture? Put yourself up!

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i see putting up pictures of your dog is outdated. time for a picture of me? ;o

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forget? Screw that get a hot Lawer of your own

Marriage isn't sacred anymore, just a way to save a few bucks a year come tax time. :/

She's getting a job at the firm come Monday. The Mrs. will stay with the cheating attorney. Moonlighting aside, she really needs his money.

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what a wonderful charicature of intimacy!! :D loove that song! <3

Good point ****. She will be working for him and eventually he is going to spend long amounts of time with a new woman thus creating new content for "48 Hours on ID."

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i love how he said that so casually mm good point ****

Hey ****, I see you had 2 FMLs confirmed. Which ones were they? Do you have the guts to share?

FFML_314 11

"Do you have the guts to share" Everyone knows what they are, because her name would read underneath the FML. Happy hunting.

Thanks TIJD! And yay for all the P!atD fans. And um, I don't remember them. You can do a search. I know one was a few months ago. I fell into a hottub swan-style. The other, I don't remember. It was more recent though.

Toxi, you threw away a plate of food you'd just made. *melts back into the wall, watching. always watching.*

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I thought I saw Toxi's name on an FML involving squirrels o.O ..or maybe I'm just crazy. Haha:/

sourgirl101 28

No, I believe it was about shoes on a boat and throwing away food. Sorry I'm not a stalker. I swear!

FFML_314 11

She posted one FML about face planting into a hot tub. The other one, was about taking a good amount of time preparing a meal and instead of throwing the napkin away, she threw her plate of food away. Those were the 2.

Um, you're all right. I have more than two. Squirrel came down my chimney, I dropped a plate of food, faceplanted in a hot tub, and left my shoes on the bank when tubing. IDK why FML has sooooo many ******* bugs, but this is one of them. It doesn't show the real number. :/

FFML_314 11

A squirrel came down your chimney? I would have died.

sourgirl101 28

My number is sadly real. I thought it would be funny to summit 69 stories just ' because I like the number.(:

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You can put any name under an FML, but if se put it as her name then I guess she does have the guts. A lot of people do them anonymously or use a false name.

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You are going to be so separated from your money. You might want to hire a lawyer to see what your options are. In NC, the cheated-on spouse can sue for damages under "Alienation of affection". Not sure what country/state you're in, YMMV.

he's from France (look on the posters profile)

What "poster's profile" are you talking about? All it says is that it was sent from a mobile version. In other words, the website can't pinpoint where he's at because he's using a phone instead of a computer. No idea where you get France from that.

Sometimes, like right now, the app will assume if it has been sent from a mobile version, that the location is "Île-de-France - France." It's very annoying.

Aah, new internet slang for my FML vocab. Thanks RPS.

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that's tough man, I'm sister and brother-in-law are goin through a divorce right now, it sucks and I wish you the best of luck

oh and im sorry for you sister and brother-in-law getting divorced.

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I pity you. your wife chose a lawyer over you...something is wrong here...but I'm still laughing hysterically

if thats true, thats a pretty major ethics violation...

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Right!! Sorry OP... that really sux :-(

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