By TCRII - 28/03/2018 01:30

Today, my wife said she wants a divorce. Three days ago, I added her onto the title to my house, my bank accounts, and my business. FML
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Surely a good solicitor/lawyer would use that to argue she was gold digging.

"I ain't saying she a gold digger, but"


Surely a good solicitor/lawyer would use that to argue she was gold digging.

That might be tough to prove in court. She could always claim this wasn't premeditated. Even is they could prove it, I don't think there is a law that specifically bans golddigging. OP should get the best lawyer he can though. The lawyer might be expensive but it's better than handing her his house and money without a fight.

"I ain't saying she a gold digger, but"

Well, you walked right into that one.

Is your wife Divorce Barbie. She comes with all of Ken's stuff.

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Or.. they just recently got married and he owned the house prior to getting married to her. I feel like most people, once divorce is brought up, start to claim what they consider theirs.

What a stupid response. These are obviously things he legally owned before putting her on the title, and probably owned before he even met her.

Once you get married everything you owe she owes. As such she was going to get half of everything anyways. Should have signed a prenup if you didn't want to share.

It always. In some cases if you owned the home prior to getting married and it was only in your name, then it is exempt from being split. A major part though that plays into that is how long were they married.

you split things that come about after the marriage. so she wouldn't have had rights to half of everything before that

Yeah, except in cases where the spouse who owned the stuff put the other spouse on the title.

Thats not how it works

Sell the house and use the money for a lawyer

quick while there's still time!

remove her then divorce her. simple