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  routerere  |  10

That might be tough to prove in court. She could always claim this wasn't premeditated. Even is they could prove it, I don't think there is a law that specifically bans golddigging. OP should get the best lawyer he can though. The lawyer might be expensive but it's better than handing her his house and money without a fight.

  aruden  |  25

Or.. they just recently got married and he owned the house prior to getting married to her. I feel like most people, once divorce is brought up, start to claim what they consider theirs.

By  bkwusa  |  15

Once you get married everything you owe she owes. As such she was going to get half of everything anyways. Should have signed a prenup if you didn't want to share.

  Zekfen  |  17

It always. In some cases if you owned the home prior to getting married and it was only in your name, then it is exempt from being split. A major part though that plays into that is how long were they married.