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Today, my wife announced that she wanted a divorce. She'd actually started dating another man a few months ago, but she wanted to drag our marriage out as long as possible just in case her new relationship fell through. FML
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there's other bitc- I mean fishes in the sea...


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um... care to explain this statement? 0.o

I'm pretty sure 1 meant "your" instead of "youth.

Get her to say that again and record it. I could be mistaken but I believe that if you can prove in court that she cheated, she won't get shit all from the divorce.

32: Us men aren't saints either. I've never cheated nor would I consider it, but I know quite a few scumbags that would/did.

o believe me I know we are far from saints. I've never cheated and don't plan to. just sayin that I know more women who have cheated than men

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10- it depends on whether or not it's a no fault state. It's cheaper not to give her the divorce. I'd keep the marriage until I felt like ending it. I don't means stick to the vows (those are already gone) just don't end the contract and possibly pay alimony

Actually baseball, the percentage of men who cheat is far greater than the percentage of women who cheat. Look it up. You just know a bunch of cheaters I guess.

32.... you sound like a sexist bitch to me. assholle :)

48: Thanks for the correction. I wasn't sure.

#58: Men and women cheat about the same amount, but men get caught or admit it more often. *You* look it up.

Well, you can use adultery as leverage to keep stuff that you probably paid for that she'll try to get from you.

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it still depends on the state. think of the current owner of the dodgers. he may have to sell and his wife committed adultery. the distribution of assets is based on prenup and the state they will be getting a divorce in.

I know right? I don't get some of the women these days, even though I am one myself...

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bitches be trippin dude..forget her

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you said it! women cheat more than men do

Your wife disgusts me. My mum did the same thing before she left so I feel your pain OP.

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shallow bitch. OP, you deserve better!(: