By haphazard2007 - 02/01/2012 09:44 - United States

Today, I got a gift from my wife in the form of divorce papers. She waited till after New Year's so it wouldn't show up on her taxes for 2011. FML
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That greedy bitch!

It wouldn't show up on yours either. Give her what she wants because she probably thought really hard about it to even wait it out.


That greedy bitch!

That's not even cool, Fyl OP feel bad for u bro

How expensive is a divorce anyway?

Depends on who has the better lawyer

Bitches be crazy

Am I confused, or does OP not get more on his taxes too? They were going to get a divorce anyway, but I guess it really depends on how long she has been planning this. If it was only a few weeks to a month it really is not bad. If it was a few months then it is pretty wrong of her to do.

Wow she is a bitch!

I don't see how the wife's a bitch :/ it benefits on both their taxes either way and also lots of people get divorced and who knows for what reason anyways? But still sorry OP must suck either way

It wouldn't show up on yours either. Give her what she wants because she probably thought really hard about it to even wait it out.

Seriously dude feel bad for the gut

I feel bad for the gut too. :'(

Give her what she wants because she waited to line her own pockets. What a load of crap, give her a bus pass and send her on her way

Well, it won't show up in yours either

she's a smart bitch...

But a greedy bitch nonetheless. I may be wrong, but I don't think she was thinking about OP's well-being while was filing for divorce.

At least she was smart.... But sorry you were married to a ass OP

Yeah, because everyone who wants a divorce is automatically an ass! She had to give those paper once in her lifetime and there would not be a perfect day for it. To be honest, I would prefer the days after New Year than the days before.

You know I would say something about her being greedy but I know someone whose getting the shit kicked out of her by her husband constantly. I told her to do just that. Take that punk for every penny he has. Every story has two sides. She may be a greedy bitch yeah, but what did you do to provoke it?

Two sides to every story - absolutely. If you are truly broken hearted and surprised, then I am sorry OP, but you'll move on and find love again in time. If you deserve it, then say hello to karma! Nice to meet ya

Just because she's getting greedy doesn't mean she gets abused by OP. It also doesn't mean OP did anything monumental to lead her to do this. You shouldn't give OP's wife the benefit of the doubt just because you had a similar case. Not every woman who wants a divorce and does this has a wife beater, or even a bad man, as a husband. I see your point, and believe there are always two sides to a story, but I've never seen a girl who manipulates have a strong reason to do so.

At least she was kind enough not to ruin the holidays too. If it's not working, it's not working.

Most people get a divorce for a reason! We don't know both sides of the story. If he's hurt sorry move on, but if he deserves it, karma.

Your soon to be ex wife is a smart lady but for your sake I hope you had a prenuptial agreement they are very useful in times like these.

A prenup won't help him any when his wife owns the house, all the property and makes four times as much $ as him.

Shows she's smarter than you. You had to see it coming sooner or later. Don't act surprised.

Find her and remarry her again

11 - Stop trying. You're not funny.

Yea. Just stop. Chances are that f she divorced him, then she is probably not gonna marry him again. And you're not gonna get a-style either, Enrico Suave.

Ur stupid !!!