By millzee - 17/01/2009 17:41 - United States

Today, I spent 6 hours on an airplane next to an alcoholic Pink Floyd fanatic. I must've drifted off because when I took a trip to the bathroom I noticed that my pant leg that had been closest to the drunk man was soaking wet. I returned to my seat. He was on his side, facing me. I smelt the wet spot. Not beer. FML
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Just don't blame this one on Pink Floyd. They don't support peeing your pants.

All in all it's just another brick in the wall.


Couldnt u complain to flight attendant? Or sue the airline?

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like your so right that should happen ing your do smart sorry this is the only way to correct my last comment drunk anti fluid is gay

Just don't blame this one on Pink Floyd. They don't support peeing your pants.

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Oh My God, nasty. Flights are awful enough as it is without drunk bastards taking a leak on your pants. FYL

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what saintice23 said. Pink Floyd, while weird, actually has pretty good music. The fact that he likes Pink Floyd has nothing to do with the fact that he peed on you. I don't even know how you arrive at that as a stereotype...

It's funny cause I'm listening to Pink Floyd now... I need to pee.

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Dude, that was me :D! Pink Floyd is the most amazing band in this world, no doubt about it.

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This is why if given the choice, i will never fly in an airplane ever again. Flying used to be something that low-lifes couldn't afford, and for good reason. This is why God gave Man the car, its this little invention designed to take us wherever we want AND keep low-lifes out. Even if you have a crappy car, it still keeps them out. Cars are also actually fun to drive whilst on a plane you just sit there and in your case get peed on. This concludes my rant, now i have to go write a journal entry for freshman english :(

"God gave Man the car" Not sure if retarded...or just a religious person. Sorry, said the same thing twice.

are you telling me that you smelling around near this guys crotch? awkward!

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#10, Well, he was a Pink Floyd fan, so his piss probably smelt of coral caves and glitter. I don't know why OP included his fanatical tendencies, but it definitely gave the guy a few more points of awesome. I would have forgiven him for pissing all over the place.

hahaha coral caves and glitter... no disrespect to Pink Floyd, who are awesome

I saw "Pink Floyd" and immediatly started reading. They're ******* awesome