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By  redcode5  |  17

We need some background info on this, cuz you left us in the dark with out details on why it happened.

  paigexox0  |  37

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I always find it weird when people say that... being straight or gay or bi doesn't mean you fall in love with reproductive organs instead of personalities. You can't help not being attracted to a certain sex.

  Nerd14  |  9

Why would OP's exes being together make him feel better? I just can't imagine it, me personally, if my hypothetical husband left me for my ex husband or ex wife, considering if I was bisexual, I couldn't find comfort in them findind true love, if it's actually true love. I'd be too concern about my poor choice of spouses.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

I wouldn't really consider it poor choices in spouses. Just unfortunately not lasting love. Honestly it's hard to say how Id feel in that situation. Hurt obviously, but seriously what are the odds of that?

By  jeffprobs  |  20

What are the chances...well it's better this way for you. I would much rather have someone leave me than pretend to be with me making the relationship a shit hole. Take this new experience, learn, and do better with the next person. All you can do in life is to try, keep it going