By sudoku_fiend - 13/12/2015 04:40 - United States - Millville

Today, I discovered that I've spent so much time playing Sudoku in the bathroom at work that I've trained myself to need to pee whenever I open the app. FML
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hoosiergirl94 31

Just don't open it at your desk


hoosiergirl94 31

Just don't open it at your desk

nattlecakes 19

I think that's what OP is saying happened... Yikes!

Luckily op just said the "need to pee" was there and didn't say "pee." So he opened the app and immediately felt he had to go to the bathroom, as oppose to opening the app and peeing his pants. Either way, I think there's a bit too much sudoku happening, and if you have trained yourself this way, maybe only play it in the bathroom. Pavlov and dog, meet op.

olpally 32

That's some true talent... Lol.

Perhaps spend a little less time playing games at work, its not like peeing takes a long time.

I wish I could thumb up this comment more than once.

Like the guy who gets a boner while listening to the national anthem?

You're the Pavlov of our time.. Nice job OP

Technically he's the Pavlovian dog of our time...

Technically he's both Pavlov and the dog of our time. Really a whole new species seeing as he both trainer and trainee.

You've finally done it. You've created an app to piss yourself! Now we need an app for the other end...

An app to help with constipation would be priceless.

I actually did this. For various reasons I had about a month when ******** was incredibly painful... So I distracted myself with sudoku. Eventually got to the point where, even though i wasn't in pain any more, I found it really hard to shit if I wasn't playing sudoku. It was really surreal...