By Lukey1028 - 14/07/2015 01:07 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my co-worker handed me the phone and said it was my boyfriend calling, so I answered "Hello, Love!" It was my boss. FML
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Just say you were trying out the British expression.

Don't trust that coworker next time


What did I ever do to you fml community?

Just say you were trying out the British expression.

Hunthas 17

I agree, of all the things you could say to a stranger picking up he phone, love is pretty easy to play off as something you call everyone

True. In some parts of Britain, everyone is 'love'. Make your boss feel bad for not being as cultured as you. :)

I think its too late for advice now lol

After 2 years of working with him, I'm not even sure if our boss knows any of the girls names, he calls us all love

Don't trust that coworker next time

Don't trust any coworker.

ShannonBitt 29

Don't trust anyone

Not even yourself. .>

JMichael 25

Your coworker just duped you.


nope not at all

FusionPlacebo 26

Hopefully your boss was cool with it...maybe disguise it as an inside joke that you have with someone else.

tantanpanda 26

Hi, Love... er, lovely weather we're having!

freddy562 8

what did he say?

That's what I wanna know.

Pstraka6 20

I don't think your boss would be so uptight not to find that amusing or funny. You didn't do anything malicious either so make a quick explanation and the rest will be history/inside joke between you two

That's super funny. Hopefully your boss has a good sense of humour. I've accidentally called my bosses 'mom' or 'dad' on occasion. They just laughed, and I still call them that sometimes to make them smile.

I remember one time in second grade I accidentally called my teacher mom as we were really close, and I thought my life was over. She just laughed it off.

Maybe he was flattered, you never know. Until you get a promotion

dakid87 10

That's messed up yet kind of funny lol