By rileycrash - 20/05/2011 02:08 - United States

Today, I sent my boyfriend a well thought out, steamy, and sexy sext message. His reply? "Three bidders for my drums on eBay! Makiiin' Monaaaay!" FML
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Maybe drum, eBay and monaaaayyyy are all synonyms for something else? :D


Doomire 0

or maybe he is a farking douchebag

maybe you just have to get better writing dirty messages? or maybe it was full of innuendos and he simply didn't get them

seximexi911 10

maybe she just sucks at the whole dirty texting game lol

chino627 0

25 I wish I took a picture with captain planet lol... but yeah maybe she doesn't now how to sext

Or maybe he just knows money is also very sexy.

and if he had told you to get over there and take care of his needs then you would've written an fml about how all your boyfriend cares about is sex and didn't even tell you he was gonna make some extra money off of his drum set.

Maybe drum, eBay and monaaaayyyy are all synonyms for something else? :D

iSitt 0

op provides the sex, bf provides the monay. old as history itself

isn't cash like Viagra for you female types?

1naenae95 5

he knows it : family before money before bros before ho'. bottom of the chain, deal with it

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

Lol how is your life ****** because of this? :P just wondering...

fatalkiss 0

Um, okay? He obviously hadn't seen your text at the time of sending his. Or just not gotten yours at all. Chill the **** out.

lulututu 4

I think you are the one that needs to chill,

fatalkiss 0

Okay... let me rephrase that. Since his text had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with your well thought-out, sexy sext, he must have not gotten it at the time of composing/sending his. Also, take into consideration that his text wasn't a 1-, or 2-word text, also showing that yours probably came to his phone while he was composing his & he just sent it before even looking at the new one from you (the well thought-out, sexy sext).

if that's the case, he probably would have responded after seeing it, and then there really wouldn't be any FML.

Taurusbaybe 8

I think it's safe to say he's more interested in Makiiin' Monaaaay!

xtacticalswarmx 0

Money DOES make the world go 'round. Not geo sync orbit! lol. Give me money any day. [=