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By come on man - 29/11/2014 17:03 - United States - Sunnyvale

Today, I sent my boyfriend a dirty picture to turn him on. He texted back: "Jfc, why wud u tease me like that?? Srsly fuck off". FML
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Were you upset that he told you to **** off or because his spelling was so bad?!?


It least it sounds like he liked it (; (The picture, clearly not being teased)

Next time send a clean picture instead of a dirty one. Wishy Washy Scrub a Dub Dub.

Yeah, it's like someone sending you a picture of a steak while you're starving.

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Were you upset that he told you to **** off or because his spelling was so bad?!?

Lol, he just abbreviates the words, not the same as the way he'd actually spell them.

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I'd have been upset with both...ugh! I'd have dumped him on the spot as well. FYL, OP.

if I ever have a boyfriend who tells me to **** off, I would literally do just that because he would not be my boyfriend anymore. but I don't see why everyone is slaying him over his spelling. it's normal to shorten words when texting. you can pretty much still comprehend the fact that he's a dick who is probably gay for turning down OP's sexy visuals.

So if a guy doesnt want to be bothered by sexual pictures he's gay? That's just plain stupid, he was probably at work or doing something where he cant be seen veiwing a naked woman. Doesnt mean he's gay.

34, of course not! you missed my attempt of a (bad) joke.ever heard of the fable where the fox could not reach the grapes and so assumed they were probably sour anyway? sort of the impression I was going for.

Wtf kind of fable is that everyone knows the sour grapes are the best grapes

Using shorthand is hardly the same as not knowing how to spell. Before smartphones, that was how everyone wrote texts.

Only if you have a lot to say and trying to fit it all into one, 160 character SMS message are you allowed to use txt tlk. Otherwise, you have no excuse to not spell it all out or forget punctuation. It just looks unintelligent.

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Unfortunately you have a couple of *****....from what I've heard through my grades grapevine, one of them was walking around school (after hours, there was a basketball game) in a pair of pretty much non existent shorts and what she called a "sports bra".

Then you've obviously never been to Southern California

What, he should be happy you sent one at all!

Wtf? Guess he didn't get your foreshadowing lol