By McKenna - 16/07/2011 04:10 - United States

Today, I was sending my boyfriend dirty texts to try and turn him on so when I see him the next day he will want to get intimate. Twenty minutes later he texts back, "ew stop." FML
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Honey, if you need to turn him on a day in advance to get him to want to have sex with you, you're doing something wrong.

Either you are trying to hard or he has moved on and isn't interested... try to figure out the real reason and good luck!


Maybe he's trying to tell you something O.o

yeah, to stop. OMG how'd I know that?

yeah that's kinda what I was going for in my comment.

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please donate to the CS fund to stop morons like #1 posting the most obvious part of the fml (common sense)

supernerd352 7

crap i didnt spell please right. FML

Symmetry88 0

maybe he's GAY!

maybe he's got standards, lol.

And he's not a horny bastard.

RouletteRed 6

or maybe he doesnt like the rated XXX R Crazy sh*t goin through your head. lol

you're doing it wrong

maybe your texts were to dirty

fthislyfe 22

If he's not gay, he might have some sexual problems. I don't need to do something to make my boyfriend get intimate! actually he's always intimate. It's really annoying though, we barely talk :D

interesting, I was under the impression that gay men are gay because thy like other men...

93, maybe, like pertained said, he just isn't too horny, and knows how to control and respect himself.

Don't you get stoned to death for having a boyfriend in Tehran?

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why can't I find a girl like you:)

because i'm a dude

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I think I'm in love with pertained.

what the hell. if the guy likes sex too much it's an fml. if they guy doesn't like sex enough it's an fml. men will NEVER win!!

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maybe he thought they were from his mom

Because Joseph is from Old Town, USA. A pace where your mom is your girlfriend.

How could you even think that?

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yea cause moms always steal their sons girlfriends phones ?

Was this supposed to be funny? If it was you kinda failed worse than OP. Just don't even try.

Was this supposed to be funny? If it was you kinda failed worse than OP. Just don't even try.

Either you are trying to hard or he has moved on and isn't interested... try to figure out the real reason and good luck!

Nothing's to kinky for me! giggity giggity

Symmetry88 0

you have problems. OP's bf is obviously gay.

nicobington 1

go quagmire

text me instead ;)

I think it's very strange if a girl needs to turn her boyfriend always on, normally it's the other way round. It's not impossible, but still, a guy who doesn't like dirty texts and sex? If your partner (boy-or girlfriend) doesn't like to get intimate with you, there's something wrong. The first thing I thought was 'maybe he's a homosexual who has a heterosexual relationship to keep up appearance'. Things like that happens. But hey, it might even be not that serious, just talk to him. Forcing someone to have sex isn't a bright idea.

you've thought waayyyy too much in to it. what you're trying to say is he's gay.

27-I actual got a little pissed off when she started throwing around heterosexual and homosexual instead if just saying gay.

Symmetry88 0

she really did fail with this comment. she tried to go all out and be intelligent, but she's being rather stupid and offensive. it's a three letter word. G-A-Y one meaning. NOT INTERESTED IN GIRLS. which means, OP sucks at this stuff and chooses wrong guys. **** her life. the gay Dude that refused sex can go die in a jumpsuit.

*Why, thank you Dr. Phil for that wonderful insight.* *=sarcasm

I don't think op was asking you to explain her fml tbh...

36- gay a three letter word meaning a person who is attracted to someone of the same sex. girls can be gay too so gay obvs doesn't mean not interested in girls...

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Some people just feel the need to do stupid things like try to explain something they haven't been through. Kids these days.

Symmetry88 0

43 I know that but I have reason to believe that OP's bf is homosexual because he passed over Sex.... WHAT GUY DOES THAT?!

Texting is a lame subform of communication. It's indirect, dispassionate, and abbreviated. This generational addiction to it is creating a population of severely socially retarded idiots with only the vaguest notion of interpersonal skills. This FML is a perfect example. Not liking dirty texts doesn't make you gay. But an over dependance on cell phones does suggest that you are incapable of dealing with direct conflict or intimacy. Put the phone down, and get out and interact with someone, quick!

Why am I stupid and offensive? If I just said 'maybe he's gay', chances are big my comment would immediately be thumbed down because some people would find it offensive. I tried to avoid that, also because he might not be gay, he might be asexual/not attracked to the OP/have had bad experiences with sex in his youth...It's stupid to think 'being gay' is the only explanation for his behaviour. Besides, I rather think you're A) stupid because you gave a wrong definition of homosexuality and reacted with a meaningless comment to the person who corrected you and B) offensive because you tell that guy can 'die in a jumpsuit'. Seriously? And yeah, this comment is way too long for the average FML user. Tüt mir leid.

58-Oh yeah? Well... your shtupid. *runs away saying lalala I can't hear you*

be123 6

no being "gay" does not apply to females so actually it does mean not interested in girls...

heylesha 8

58- well it got 17 thumbs down.. so you still fail

Petunia888 13

Who said anything about forcing anyone to have sex? Yes, OP clearly hasn't perfected the art of sexting yet. That was the guy's feedback. He could be gay, although it's unlikely. So why do we need to define what "gay" means? Do you people not have Google??

your mother giving birth to you wasn't a bright idea...

lol. TL:DR? Thanks for making my point. Unable to handle anything longer than a bubblegum wrapper, huh?

Hey 36, the word gay has two meanings. One is being happy and the second is being attracted to the same sex. Passing up sex does not make you gay, you probably never had a bf/gf (I didn't care to look up your gender), it makes you sound desprerate for sex. I have a girlfriend and I sometimes pass on sex when I'm not in the mood or feeling sick. Maybe OP said "I wanna do fisting" would that turn you on? of course it will because your desperate.

being gay is liking the same sex. and maybe op's texts weren't sexy, just vulgar. end of story.

djpee or whatever, all you must do with ur life is comment advice to people to make urself feel important. shut the hell up with ur long messages what are you trying to gain from it

thank you finally someone who knows that girls can be gay



Djeepee, your comments are so long I don't read the whole thing.

gay is being interested in the opposite sex

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gay equals girls are yucky

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Your partner not wanting to get intimate does not always mean there's a problem. For example, I'm a heteroromantic, I would never want to. Doesn't mean I love my partner less.

ReynshineCutting 10

Actually in committed long term relationships (even in the first few years) sexual desire "problems" are totally normal and healthy. It doesn't mean anything's wrong, and actually means everything's right. We obviously don't know anything about their relationship (how long they've been together, etc.), so we can't say if theres's something wrong or not.

oh my god! everyone please, just SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Honey, if you need to turn him on a day in advance to get him to want to have sex with you, you're doing something wrong.

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it's not OP's fault for trying to sext a gay guy.

or maybe ops sexting is just really really bad and grossed her boyfriend out.

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what would she say thy grossed him out?

Symmetry88 0


51 - she could have said "lets imitate two girls one cup ;) " and that is gross... and yes I know it's not two girls it be a guy and a girl in this case.

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Symmetry, shut the **** up already.

fthku 13

OK, let's try it this way- Symmetry, be so kind as to stop writing ignorant, moronic comments.

Yo, 51, could you please stop obsessing about the OP's bf being gay? you keep on pushing your opinion to others that they clearly don't agree with. You gay brah?

I love reading these comments cause it's the same god damn argument over and over! gay: attracted to the same sex. something's wrong with you OP, gay: attracted to the same sex...k shit I got it. enough!

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104; sharks rule. red wings suck just saying

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Well not everyone is horny at the same time so don't see how their could be something wrong with trying to turn someone on the day before. Absolutely nothing wrong with teasing to get a person in the mood though in this case he found it to be "ew" so she probably said something he didn't find a turn on.

Uh... Excuse me?

A sentence made up of abbreviations. That is mildly impressive.

I don't get it..

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you're stupid.

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haha nice comments :P

What's wrong with him?

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maybe they are both dudes

Be glad you didn't accidentally send the texts to anyone else. I hope you can find someone who you won't have to try and turn on a whole day before, and someone who cares about you. (:

ReynshineCutting 10

Nowhere does it say he doesn't care about her. I fail to see any reason to break up in this situation based on what we know.

fthku 13

Un-friggin-believable. This comment would almost certainly be -521 votes if OP was a guy. That's right, -521. I don't know what OP wrote, but if he's her boyfriend he should really have phrased it differently. I know I'd hate to hear an "ew" from my fiancee if I was trying to tease herturn her onwhatever. It doesn't, however, mean he's gay. I really can't understand how people (who seriously suggest it) reach that conclusion. He turns her down one time = he's gay?