By Mandy - 20/05/2011 04:12 - United States

Today, I found out that my grandfather, who is a retired Marine, has paid real money to buy ALL the Lady Gaga themed items for his farm in FarmVille. I don't know what's worse, that he did it, or that I'm jealous of not having that stuff. FML
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Being a Marine and a ladygaga lover is super badass. You have the right to be jealous. Especially since he's cooler than you.


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Haha! I didn't know people played Farmville xD And OP stop being jealous of your grandpa! it's pathetic xP

OP needs a GF or BF, and a xbox 360. People need to stop with farmville.

I own a PS3, and a 360. I find that the 360 is far better.

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really not his fault that his grandfather is interested in farmville at least he's still living kind of by doing something to excercise his brain instead of being hold up in a retirment home.

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Yeah, the PS3 is awesome for offline players. And the PSN ! Oh, so reliable !

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what does his grandfather being a marine have to do with anything?

Eff nintendo 64, super nintendo is by far the best. op, is the ex marine part relevant?

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N64 is the shit..i still have mine an play it atleast once a week..

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Need I remind you all that the PS network just got hacked and all backwards compatible PS3s crash within only a couple years after purchase? Ya I'm good with our 360 thanks. And for the record, SNES is the greatest of all time (with Wii being a close second only because you can get most of the old games from all nintendo systems on it).

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get a life. your grandpa already lived much of his it sounds like so he can go dick around on the computer if he wants :p

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#59 she is an alien in a government owned territory in space..She was "born this way" but provingly she wasn't.She is also known to be mother monster to those that convince themselves their little monsters; she yells "put your paws up",this magically makes ppl scream, gives her more money and feeds her soul...Before you know it she'll be riding you from the finite to the infinite....with her disco stick...Yeah,so that's who lady gaga is.

who needs farmville when u can farm in minecraft such a better game

if you dis any research, you'll know that xbox got hacked a few years ago. and xboxs are unreliable, 33% rate of failure and the r.r.o.d. ps3s have a lovely 3% failure rate. oh, and we go online for FREE :)

ohh yeah and that red ring of death is nbd just mail your system to another state or country and we will fix it! hahaha yeah right... 360's for noobs

78&79 obviously still don't know that the 360 slim can't get rrod. And so what if it's free if the security is shit?

Lawl at xbox supporters. at least the ps3 doesn't have worldwide complains about the red ring of death happening 2 hours after purchase.

#86 Thats an old problem, my 360 and all of the ones made in the past two years have a very low chance of rrod

I really did not think I would start a mini console war in the comments. I was only talking about my preference. For the record I prefer the 360 more because of the games, and the controller is far more comfortable.

to express that op's grandfather is a manly man.

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Am I the only one here who thinks PC is best? Steam FTW!!!

I'm more focused on why it mattered that ops grandpa was a marine

Farmville?! No!!! That's an insidious plot for world domination by Zynga, don't play it!

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Meet me at the Electric Chapel

The mods just LOVE "I don't know what's worst" FMLs, don't they?

Is it me, or I find it non-relevant with the FML that she said he was a retired marine?

oh farmville we've all been addicted at one point or another

People get addicted to it like crack, well that and WOW. I sort of hate both, but to each his/ her own.

I was addicted for about a month  

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I've never once played it so no we all haven't been addicted to it.

Totally agree with #49. Stop assuming #4 because in this case you are making an ass out of yourself and nobody else.

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actually, an ass out of u and me. People are addicted to different things. I find myself addicted to breathing. I just can't stop.

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You say "we've all" as if you really meant everyone has played that game before, or even wanted to play it. Your argument is invalid.

Read more carefully, I use "people" as a general term. I never said "all people" or used any pronouns that imply everyone. It is addictive, that's why people get addicted.

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That game still runs? Damn. I thought it lost its appeal forever ago.

Sadly, i think it's gotten worse overtime.

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The money is worthless. Now digital items on a fake farm, that is some capitol!

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how the heck is there lady gaga themed stuff for farmville? can you buy the cow a dress made out of human meat?

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Apparently shes releasing her album on there or something. I think its weird and FarmVille is a waste of time and money.

picturing that was awesome, thanks for the visual xD

Nope, but there *are* sheep on motorcycles.

It's Farmville for ****'s sake. Get over it.

I think it's a bit like crack, and WOW. I hate all three (never done crack), but to some people it's like a drug.

It's Farmville for ****'s sake. Get over it.

Being a Marine and a ladygaga lover is super badass. You have the right to be jealous. Especially since he's cooler than you.

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what can a retired marine do? whatever the f*ck he wants!

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why does op even mention that hes a retired marine? he says it like it actually means anything to the story... fyi, it doesnt.